Methamphetamine Crystalline Powder

Meth in powder form is typically a white to tan color, but illegally produced meth powder can be yellow, pink, blue, or green depending on the method of manufacture. Red-colored pseudoephedrine tablets can produce a pink meth powder. A bluish tint may come from the use of camper fuel as a solvent. Green meth could be made from green gun scrubber, purchased in sporting goods and hardware stores. Powdered meth can sometimes smell like rotten eggs or urine, and has a bitter taste. A meth lab can be identified by these odors.2, 7 14


Known as ice, glass, and crystal, these names describe the form of meth that looks like clear, chunky ice or fragments of glass of various sizes. This form tends to be colorless, but can have blue-white coloring. The smoke produced by heating these glassy looking fragments for inhalation is odorless

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