Before We Begin A Note On Critical Thinking

When researching any topic, it is very important that you determine your source's credibility instead of taking what is said as accurate and truthful just because it is written in a book, a newspaper, or on the Internet. It is easy for people to present themselves as "experts" and produce "scientific evidence" to support their point of view. Ask yourself some questions about the validity of what you are reading, such as:

• Who is hosting the Internet site or who has written the book or article? What qualifications does the author have that convince you he or she is an expert in the field? Is the newspaper, journal, or Internet host presenting only one view, or is their reporting of the subject objective and unbiased?

• What is the date of the book, article, or posting? Is this relevant to your research or too outdated?

• If it is a scientific study, who funded or conducted the study? Is it peer-reviewed (judged by outside, independent experts)? Who published the book? Who is sponsoring the Web site? Would they have a bias or agenda in achieving a particular outcome?

• Was the actual number of subjects studied adequate to justify the results, or might chance have also played a role in arriving at the findings?

No single source of information can tell the whole story. Remember that this book is only one piece of a bigger puzzle in your quest for reliable information. Multiple sources from different areas are necessary to draw the fairest and most objective conclusion in your research paper. Explore, think critically, and decide for yourself!

waves of widespread meth use in its history: in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, and again in the 1980s and 1990s. The claim of a meth "epidemic" therefore bears closer examination, especially when federal government surveys indicate teen meth use, contrary to public perception, actually has declined in recent years.19 This book invites you to explore all of the evidence, learn about the effects of meth on the mind and body, its use, and its social and legal consequences so that you can reach your own conclusions.5, 6 10, 16

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