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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

All the modules inside this e-book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.


I never knew anyone who did meditation until a few years ago when I started travelling. I met a man who was later to become a close friend of mine who was a buddhist. He meditated every day, and told me this was the one way to find yourself, and reach enlightenment. He had tibetan singing bowls, a small altar, images of the buddha and various incense sticks burning. Here he would sit every day trying to quieten his mind and although I wasn't really interested in it, the ritual seemed like fun and although I didn't believe in religion, I began to try it. So last year I moved into a buddhist community on a small island in scotland so I could concentrate on finishing my writing, and at the same time try to improve my meditation practice. Every morning, and every evening, we would go to the meditation hall, someone would light the candles and the buddhists would do their prostrations (abject submission the emotional equivalent of prostrating your body) in front of an image of the buddha....

Increased integration of personality ia the bailo inward change in the personal telf Undesirable traits may be facod ia

Iaauing from personal Integration, the sense of ona'a inner authority nay he strengthened, and the vigor and dynamic quality of a person'a life may he Increased. Creativity and greater achievement efficiency may be released. There may be an inner optimistic tone with consequent increase in feelings of happiness, Joy, and peace. (2) Changes in attitude and behavior toward others include mora sensitivity, more tolerance, mora real love, and more authenticity aa a person by being more open and mora one's truo self with others, (3) Changes toward life in a positive direction include philosophy of life, cenae of values, sense of meaning end purpose, vocational committment, noed for 3crvice to others, and new appreciation for life cr the whole cf creation. Life may aeea richer, Tha senae of reverence may be increased, and more t.iBe siay be spent in devotional life and meditation, (U) Positive change toward tho experience means that it is regarded 3 valuablo and that what has been learned...

Who Or What Killed Einstein

Historically speaking, altered forms of perception in which an overall view of reality is immediately discerned and felt in a kind of joyous flash of insight, are the sole domain of the religious mystic, those persons who claim, rather controversially and often with alarming vigour, to have directly experienced 'ultimate truths' about reality. Since most mystics and religious visionaries have employed various techniques with which to foster their insights like fasting, yoga, meditation, perceptual isolation etc, than this again testifies to the fact that the normal human brain is somehow constrained in its mindful activity and that the chemical system which does the constraining can be overcome or be bypassed by engaging in various so-called spiritual disciplines. For most of us, such esoteric endeavours, regardless of whether or not they do actually yield valid knowledge, are perhaps a little beyond our normal way of life, and we might therefore wish to stick with less suspect...

Other Pathways to Alternate States

Nor do I mean to imply that psychoactive plants or animal secretions have always and everywhere been the only, or even the principal, means of achieving altered states of consciousness. On the contrary, over vast areas of North America many aboriginal peoples achieved the same ends by nonchemical means fasting, thirsting, self-mutilation, torture, exposure to the elements, sleeplessness, incessant dancing and other means of total exhaustion, bleeding, plunging into ice-cold pools, near-drowning, laceration with thorns and animal teeth, and other painful ordeals, as well as a variety of nonhurtful triggers, such as different kinds of rhythmic activity, self-hypnosis, meditation, chanting, drumming, and music. Some shamans may also have used mirrors of pyrite, obsidian, and other materials to place themselves into trances, as some Indian shamans in Mexico still do. Most dramatic of known techniques were surely the spirit-quest ordeals of certain Plains Indian tribes, such as the Oglala...

Divine Invasion Upsets The Status

Incredibly, the results showed that the psilocybin group had mystical religious experiences indistinguishable from those reported in religious literature. This was a decidedly controversial finding. A naturally occurring substance, although in pill form thanks to Sandoz, had been shown to be capable of generating a full-blown mystical experience within the religiously ripe minds of theology students. The implications were enormous, and, as we shall see, many a storm was to brew over the validity of chemically-induced religious mysticism. Traditionally cherished beliefs about mystical enlightenment and the religious impulse were being threatened by, of all things, a drug, and this was guaranteed to cause uproar and dissent amongst those members of the priestly elite who serve to police communion with the divine.

Introduction Of Peyote Into The United States

European settlers suppressed the beliefs, customs, and religious practices of Native Americans, even on their reservations. In an attempt to maintain some semblance of an independent culture, several religious movements were formed to promote Native American unification and inspire hope for the future. One of these religious movements was called peyotism. It was founded on the belief that the experience induced by peyote brought people to a higher spiritual state of enlightenment. The Indians believed that the European oppressors could not take this enlightenment away from them. Peyotism taught nonviolence, introspection (examining the self) and meditation, and acceptance of (or at least conciliation with) the European culture that had been forced upon Native Americans. Peyotism also focused on the healing powers of peyote. Many Native Americans accepted peyotism as their new religion, but it was not without opposition from European settlers as well as from some other Native American...

See appendix B for a cample of the predrug questionnaire

Each person was given a written summary of the planned procedure of events on Good Friday and of the cooperation which was expected from him in collecting data during the days following. These points were discussed and questions answered. Suggestions were made for preparation by self-examination in depth, meditation, private devotional life, or reading of literature deeply meaningful to the person. These were suggestions only, and each person was told to prepare in the way which suited him best, but every effort

Joyous Song of Being

I embraced the enlightenment with complete abandonment. As the experience receded I longed to hold onto it and tenaciously fought against the encroachment of the realities of time and place. For me, the realities of our limited existence were no longer valid. I had seen the ultimate realities and there would be no others. As I was slowly transported back to the tyranny of clocks and schedules and petty hatreds, I tried to talk of my trip, my enlightenment, the horrors, the beauty, all of it. I must have been babbling like an idiot. My thoughts swirled at a fantastic rate, but the words couldn't keep pace. My guide smiled and told me he understood.

The Psychological Significance Of The Soma Ritual

In the Hindu teachings about the soma it is said ' the moon. That is Soma, the king. They are food of the gods. The gods do eat it.' (Khandogya Upanishad 5, 10, 4.) In another translation this text reads 'King Soma, he is the food of the Gods that Gods eat But they who conquer the worlds (future states) by means of sacrifice, charity, and austerity, go to smoke, from smoke to night, from night to the decreasing half of the moon, from the decreasing half of the moon to the world of the fathers, from the world of the fathers to the moon. Having reached the moon they become food, and then the Devas (the gods) feed on them there, as sacrificers feed on Soma, as it increases and decreases.' (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 6, 2, 16.) Another rendering reads 'Just as one eats the King Soma with the words swell and decrease so they are eaten by the gods This moon is the honey (nectar) of all beings, and all beings are the honey of this moon. Likewise this bright immortal person in this moon, and...

Eye Was On Thee Wheel Ov Torture

Manifestations ov fear and self-hate. We embrace this fear and our shadow to assimilate all that wc think we are not. Realigning ourselves on thee lattice ov power. Change is our strength. We turn the soil to expose thee roots ov our conditioned behavioral responses. Identifying and dissiniilating the thought structures that blind us ov our beauty and imprison us from our power. We thrash these weeds beyond recognition, beyond meaning, beyond existence to the consistency of nothingness. Returning them to their origin, thee abyss. Thee fertile void revealed is pure creative inspiration, in coum-union, we impregnate thee abyss thee omninada thee all nothingness, with thee seed ov creation. Cultivating, through will and self-love, thee infinite beauty and love that is Creation.

Let the Soul Seep Through

Thus far there had been no bad trips, nor did this contingency seem possible as we were treated to a continuing series of peeks into the production line of a smoothly automated universe. Regular use had convinced us that the substance is about as addictive as meditation. One might crave it the way one might crave to take a walk in the woods, visit a beloved friend or watch a superbly produced movie show. Physically however, it made no demands as long as it was used in moderation. Even our table talk remains imprinted in my mind. If one could always be just this high, I averred, what immeasurable influence and worldly accomplishment might be achieved Since we could occasionally produce this sort of mood on our own, might it not be possible to maximize the ketaminelike substances which the body produces naturally, just as one can produce alpha waves with the aid of a biofeedback machine When I reached peaks in meditation it was like climbing a hill under my own steam. There was always...

Now Wait Just A Goddam Chronon

I happen to think that it is a bit of an intellectual cop-out to dismiss the finely tuned software running our Universe as being no more than a brute fact to be mindlessly swallowed and forgotten about. It also betrays the inquisitive and adventurous spirit of our species. It is not just that a Universe should exist in the first place (why not absolute nothingness - it seems a lot more simple), and it is not just that such a Universe should endure for so long. Why should the something which does exist be so darn complex and reach a state where it can contemplate itself through the mind of Homo sapiens How come we ourselves are so highly tuned to the mystery

Return To Shamanic Wisdom

People are in love with the journey. People love seeking answers. If you were to suggest to them that the time of seeking is over and that the chore is now to face the answer, thats more of a challenge Anyone can sweep up around the ashram for a dozen years while congratulating themselves that they are following Baba into enlightenment. It takes courage to take psychedelics - real courage. Your stomach clenches, your palms grow damp, because you realise this is real - this is going to work. Not in 12 years, not in 20 years, but in an hour What I see in the whole spiritual enterprise is a great number of people supporting themselves in one way or another on the basis of their lack of success. Were they ever to succeed, these enterprises would all be put out of business. But no one's in a hurry for that.

Obviously the first step in such s program would be to reproduce the same experiment with a different group

Would be reduced, the protocol could also be changed so that neither during nor after the experiment each participant would discuss his experience with the others. Subjects in such a case should not know each other outside the experiment, but this would detract considerably from the security and friendliness of the setting. Another perhaps more practical modification in design would be to administer the psilocybin and control substance at the beginning of the chapel service after an initial quiet period of personal meditation (perhaps for 15 to 30 minutes). The set and setting during the important time while the drug was taking effect would be that of serious worship in an actual service and would preserve unbroken a continuity which was disturbed when the groups moved into the chapel. With this change in the timing of the drug administration, either a longer service would have to be used, or when the service was over some type of supervised group interaction and exploration of...

Preparation could be changed so that greater uniformity of expectancy would be achieved A selected and uniform

Bibliography of mystical literature could be read and discussed by the groups to gain some familiarity with the kind of experience to be anticipated and to decrease the foar which sometimes occurs from a new and unexpected situation. This vould provide a more uniform individual preparation. Also more meetings of the members of the groups with their leaders would increase rapport, mutual support, and Bense of security. The practice of group meditation and worship would also aid this sense of togetherness and might make the experimental situation more natural. Experiments could be run with total fasting in advance for varying periods as part of the preparation. This would certainly insure more uniformity of the time of onset of the drug effects. Other ascetic practices such as sensory deprivation or sexual abstinence could be investigated for their influences. Another preparation factor to be tested would be the effect of being in a state of grace (i.e., prior absolution and restitution...

The study of the basic phenomenology of mysticism in the drug experiences of persons already interested In

One such experiment could be to establish a retreat center with a trained, permanent staff consisting of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and ministers. A uniform technique of procedure and testing would have to be devised so that the results over a period of time could be compared. Small groups, preferably already in rapport, of laymen or ministers to whom such a setting would be meaningful would spend from five to seven days at the center. Screening by means of physical examination and history, psychological testing, preparation of an autobiography, and preliminary interviews, would be done before the group came to the retreat center. Several leaders (staff personnel) would join each group as integral members for the duration of the retreat. At least the first three days would be spent in preparation for the drug session and would include readings of selected materials which had been found helpful to others, group discussions with the staff, worship and meditation alone and...

Serotonin As A Neurotransmitter And Psychoactive Agent

In addition to serving as a neurotransmitter, serotonin is also the metabolic precursor of melatonin, which the human body makes during the night and when eyes are closed, as in some forms of meditation. Deficiencies in tryptophan and serotonin have been linked to mental

Shamanic Entheogenic Cosmology

Those who are ideologically committed to the still-prevailing Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm will at best consider the statements and descriptions of the ayabuasqueros as drug-induced hallucinations, incapable of being scientifically evaluated or verified. From the perspective of a Jamesian radical empiricism however, the phenomenological descriptions of consciousness explorers must be accorded the same reality status as observations through a microscope or telescope. They lie outside the normally perceptible realm of sense experience, yet nevertheless they are subject to verification, comparison, testing, and replication by anyone else who chooses to avail themselves of these perception-enhancing tools. In other words, contrary to the assumption of materialist science, it is possible to be objective to one's subjective experience. In fact, Buddhist mindfulness meditation and Gurdjieff's self-remembering are practices designed to help one learn to do just that.

May the Best Meme

His sentence trails off as he muses on global brain-machine enlightenment. But the Food and Drug Administration has other plans for these devices. Manufacturers may no longer make medical claims about the machines before they have received FDA approval - a process requiring millions of dollars. Hutchinson is convinced that there are powers behind the suppression of the brain virus machine. For the survival of a virus, what promoters call 'placement' is everything. An appearance on The Tonight Show might make a radical idea seem too commonplace, but an article in Meditation might associate it with the nauseatingly 'new' age. A meme's placement is as important to a media virus as the protein shell that encases the DNA coding of a biological virus. It provides safe passage and linkage to the target cell, so that the programming within the virus may be injected inside successfully. One such protein shell is R.U. Sirius's Mondo 2000.

Letter from President Washington

Even though the Roman Catholic Church banned medical marijuana during the Dark Ages because users acted irreverently toward authority (a side effect I happen to enjoy), medical marijuana was rediscovered by scientists during the Enlightenment and became a mainstay of European medicine by the 1800s. In the mid-1800s, the father of French psychop-harmacology, Dr. Jean-Jacques Moreau de Tours, got remarkable results prescribing medical marijuana for insanity and depression.

Arundo bambusifolia Synonym for

And Stoicism adopted the practice of mastering desire and passion. Asceticism is practiced to some extent by the adherents of every religion. It often requires abstinence from food, drink, or sexual activity, as in fasting or celibacy. It may also require physical pain or discomfort, such as endurance of extreme heat or cold or self-punishment (flagellants) sufism. It may require withdrawal from the material world to a life of meditation, as in the practice of Yoga. Asche German colloquial term for money obtained from drug deals. Aschenbornia heteropoda Brunfelisa. Aschenbrandt, Theodor German military physician and a pioneer of using central stimulants in the military medicine. In an 1883 military manoeuvre he secretly put cocaine in the soldiers water and wine rations and treated injured soldiers with cocaine. In Allg. Milit r Zeitung he enthusiastically reported the military benefits of cocaine. Aschenbrandt had an influence on Sigmund Freuds experiments with cocaine. Ascomp...

Problems In The Evaluation Of Clinical Results

Evaluation of the therapeutic results of psychedelic therapy is further complicated by the fact that the clinical improvement is frequently associated with profound changes in life strategy, philosophical and scientific world-view, and the basic hierarchy of values. Alleviation of severe psychopathological symptoms can be accompanied by a distinct loss of interest in the pursuit of power, status, and position. An orientation toward competition and achievement can be replaced by one toward maximum well-being at minimum expenditure of energy and effort. Previously pragmatic and materialistic individuals can develop deep interest in and genuine appreciation of the spiritual aspect of existence. A tendency to control and dominate other people and nature might be replaced by synergistic and ecological concerns. A psychiatrist who sees the present Occidental value system, based on ambition and competition, as natural, healthy, and ultimately mandatory, may consider the above changes in a...

Starving Hysterical Naked

Drugs were Burroughs's way of attaining the same state of selflessness that Huxley was seeking through meditation and religious insight. Indeed, it is not too far off the mark to say that in the early Forties the two men were on parallel paths both were seeking access to higher states of consciousness. The difference was one of focus. While Huxley was content to build a theory about the superiority of the nonattached man. Burroughs was actively seeking a way to become nonattached, which, perhaps owing to his proximity to Madison Avenue and its corps of eager Behaviorists, he tended to conceptualize as deconditioning. To be free it was necessary to shed the swaddling layers of bourgeois conditioning. One way to do this was by carefully exploiting the disorienting state of drugs like heroin, speed, and the recently criminalized marijuana. Although Ginsberg used a literary analogy in that example, in real life the Beats found their models of compassion in the Eastern religions,...

Pharmacological Effects Of

As unpredictable as the content of the LSD reaction is its intensity, and individual responses to the same dosage level vary considerably. The degree of sensitivity or resistance to LSD seems to depend on complicated psychological factors rather than on variables of a constitutional, biological, or metabolic nature. Subjects who in everyday life manifest a strong need to maintain full self-control, and have difficulties in relaxing and letting go, can sometimes resist relatively high dosages of LSD (300-500 micrograms) and show no detectable change. Occasionally, individuals can resist considerable doses of LSD if they have set this as a personal task for themselves. They may do it to defy the therapist and compete with him or her, to prove or demonstrate their psychological strength, to endure more than their fellow patients, to impress their friends, or for many other reasons. However, it is obvious that deeper and more relevant unconscious motives should be looked for behind such...

Sole Heirs Of The Universe

Perfume Tabasheers

And enlightenment. .In his premescaline novel Brave New World, the drug soma, while producing euphoria and hallucinations, basically sedated its users, keeping them politically oppressed. His experience with psychedelics led Huxley to moksha. a mushroom extract that serves as a psychedelic . sacrament in his tiovelhland the bl uep rint for a f111 tire ps yd lede 1 tc com in u 11 ity culture. I had given L353 * number of pundits around ladla and me msoftaMy piire men. An old Buddhist Lama said, It gave roe a headache 1 Somebody ehe aaid. 'lift jjood. but not as good h* meditation Somebody etae aid, 'Where can I get some mwtV Babij FUm D&yi (Richard Alptrt) Be Here Now, 1971

Reflections Two Years Later

Sekhmet was present. She had brought Death. She was Death's attendant but more than a mere attendant, for Death seemed to be in her presence as though she were its ruler, its mistress. I was lying on a death couch. I began to experience dying. I knew that it was my ego dying and that my mind was emptying out, stilling. Soon there were no thoughts left, only consciousness. My body was now on a barge floating down a river. It felt like the Nile, but it was known as the River of Letting Go. My body was dead, but I remained in it. My hands were folded over my heart, my mind was still, alert, listening. Above me I felt the presence of Horus as a hawk. I knew that I had the potential to rise up and become him, but instead I heard music, with the name Ishtar being softly sung. Ishtar seemed to be synonymous with Isis, and she had come to bring rebirth. I felt life starting to course through my body. It came from Isis-Ishtar, but it also came from Sekhmet who had...

Spotlight On North America And Hawaii

Even though the extent of prosecution of drug law violators in Canada and the U.S. varies from state to state, psilocybin-containing mushrooms are only a minor factor in the overall war on drugs . In California, however, mushroom cultures are illegal, as well as spore prints ( ) from the Psilocybe species. Spore prints, however, are impossible to control. Psilocybe cubensis is common across the South, and Panaeolus subbalteatus grows across the Southwestern U.S., where the mushrooms are used extensively. By one estimate, there were 100,000 Magic Mushroom People in the state of California alone, a number likely to be much higher today. The demand created by this growing market is probably being met through cultivation of Psilocybe cubensis. These users ingest psychotropic mushrooms as a form of recreation, or incorporate them in the ritual practice of natural mysticism. Other users prefer mushrooms as an aid to meditation or to attain communication with the realm of the divine....

Nonmedical Use of LSD

LSD experiments also gave new impetus to exploration into the essence of religious and mystical experience. Religious scholars and philosophers discussed the question whether the religious and mystical experiences often discovered in LSD sessions were genuine, that is, comparable to spontaneous mysticoreligious enlightenment.

Transpersonal Experiences

In a large group of transpersonal experiences, the extension of consciousness seems to go beyond the phenomenal world and the time-space continuum as we perceive it in our everyday life. Quite common examples are the experiences of an encounter with spirits of deceased human beings or supra-human spiritual entities. LSD subjects also report numerous visions of archetypal forms, individual deities and demons, and complex mythological sequences. An intuitive understanding of universal symbols, or the arousal of the Kundalini and activation of various chakras are additional examples of this category. In the extreme form the individual consciousness seems to encompass the totality of existence and identify with the Universal Mind. The ultimate of all experiences appears to be the Stipracosmic and Metacosmic Void, the mysterious primordial emptiness and nothingness that is conscious of itself and contains all existence in a germinal form.

Hybrid Shamanic Psychotherapeutic Rituals

Most of the participants in circles of this kind that I witnessed were experienced in one or more psychospiritual practices, including shamanic drum journeying, Buddhist vipassana meditation, tantric yoga, holotropic breathwork, and most have experienced and or practiced various forms of psychotherapy and body-oriented therapy. The insights and learnings from these practices are woven by the participants into their work with the entheogenic medicines. Participants tend to confirm that the entheogenic plant medicines combined with meditative or therapeutic insight processes amplify awareness and sensitize perception, particularly somatic, emotional, instinctual, and spiritual awareness, as well as often a sense of the interconnections between these levels of consciousness. In preparation for the circle ritual, there is usually a sharing of intentions and purposes among the participants, as well as the practice of meditation, or sometimes solo time in nature, or expressive arts...

Japanese Experimentation

Several lumberjacks from Kyoto got lost in the woods for reasons that remain unknown. Suddenly they encountered four or five Buddhist nuns, whose behavior did not at all conform to expectations instead of immersing themselves into their inner selves in a quiet quest for Nirvana, the search for Absolute Nothingness, these daughters of Buddha were found dancing and laughing. It turned out that the nuns had also gotten lost in the woods and dealt with their hunger by eating some delicious mushrooms. The faithful nuns soon discovered, however, that they could not stop dancing and laughing. The lumberjacks's stomachs, in the meantime, had also begun to growl and, thinking that what was good for the nuns was good enough for them, the lumberjacks ate some of the mushrooms as well. Soon after, they also succumbed to overwhelming fits of

Deatf and Rebirtl in Santo Daime

Santo Daime

Some years later, I attended in North America another UDV hoasca ceremony. Before departing for the session, I had had a telephone conversation with a friend of mine who had participated in a session with these same ayahuasqueros several nights previous. My friend told me that he and his companions had had only a very mild experience, hardly worth the time expended. Thus forewarned of the brew's weak psychoactivity, I brought with me to the session a meditation bench, prepared to at least devote my energies to contemplative practice. I arrived at the designated house and was introduced to the gentlemen from South America. I was instantly struck by how quiet and unassuming they were. They were, I learned, from a remote rain forest town and had been devoted practitioners of ayahuasca for the past twenty years. We gather around the table, on which lay a pitcher of dark amber liquid, emanating an acrid nauseating odor. Modest amounts of the beverage are poured into small paper cups. As we...

Chapter One Initiation into Infinity

Just before the colors hit and the curtain started down between sections of my brain, I had that wonderful relaxation which I had known before - the awe-inspiring relief, the letting go of psychological barriers which has come to be identified in my thinking with the relaxation of the ego. I could feel myself being drawn into a mystical experience - the sense of unity with all things in the universe. But as I felt the relaxing of the self boundaries, there was this flood of grateful tears which I stopped because of the three men present. Gerald Heard, the English philosopher who was very interested in the LSD work at this time, was just as brilliant as Aldous, but he talked in paragraphs that ran for a page or two, and always had an esoteric association to the insight at hand. I had met Gerald Heard at Trabuco, a meditation retreat he and Felix Greene founded and built in southern California in the 1940's. I will never forget the Benedictine silence at Trabuco, and the meditation...

LSD Syrian Rue NNDMT 5MeODMT Nitrous Oxide Cannabis

At the time I did my first 2C-B + mushroom journey I was down to my last dose of Ketamine, with no likely possibilities of obtaining more. The most remarkable portion of this trip came just before I injected my final dose of K. I decided to sit and meditate on how profoundly my Ketamine experiences had changed my life, how valuable they had been to me, and how sacred the opportunity to experience these states of consciousness was. I also prayed that this mind-altering substance would become available to me again. Anyway, when I sat to meditate and pray, the energy became so intense and focused that I was absolutely amazed. My abilities in meditation and concentration have waned over the past few years, but at that moment I felt like I could wield my will and mind like Luke Skywalker wields his light stick in Star Wars. This force was so strong that it was frightening. After this staggering meditation session I was ready to inject my last dose of K. This I did, and had a typical...

Cannabis Intoxication And Its Similarity To That Of Peyote And LSD

Cannabis also has a long history of religious use in India, being taken at various ceremonies and for 'clearing the head and stimulating the brain to think' in meditation. It also plays a central role in the religions of certain primitive African and South American tribes.10 In India, the religious use of cannabis is by no means always moderate. Chopra writes, 'The deliberate abuse of bhang is met with almost entirely among certain classes of religious mendicants.'

Contact Through the Veil

Karl's early encounter with life-forms, like his visions of DNA described in the last chapter, offered a prelude to future, more elaborate stories from other volunteers. Karl was a forty-five-year-old blacksmith. He was married to Elena, whose enlightenment experience we'll read about later.

More Investigation of Parameters

I have noticed that the course of the drug seems somewhat the same from subject to subject if there is no interference from the therapist. I think the function of the therapist is to optimize conditions for the LSD to work In tracking down the records of subjects with bad experiences and in talking to them, I have found that they were holding out and fighting with all their might against accepting some aspect of themselves -- and letting go to the drug. And they fight by regressive modes of defense catatonia, paranoia, depression, etc. As you have so rightly said, LSD (and all the rest of them) are neutral it is the unconscious with all its wider experiences which emerges. I think of it like a very rusty door which has never been opened before consciously. There are many keys to the door stress, solitude, meditation, limited sensory environment, drugs, etc. But these don't seem to work until the rusty door has been forced open once. That is what LSD or mescaline can do force open the...

Clinical Experience With Mdmaassisted Psychotherapy

It was in my sophomore year, when my roommate said he had learned things from taking mescaline. Then I had some very profound learning experiences that changed my outlook on life more toward spirituality, and I became involved in meditation. In medical school, I learned about the work of Dr. Stanislav Grof, and I went to a six-week program at Esalen Institute in 1975 to learn more about the psychotherapeutic use of LSD. When I finished my psychiatric residency in 1979 in California, I met with Ralph Metzner consciousness researcher and psychotherapist , who suggested that I conduct clinical sessions withketamine, which was available to physicians. Then I learned about MDMA, which was being used by psychologists. I began to read the regulations and found that if I synthesized it myself, I could prescribe and administer it to my own patients if I had peer reviews and informed consents.

Meeting with Aldous Huxley

These two books contained fundamental observations on the essence of visionary experience and about the significance of this manner of comprehending the world-in cultural history, in the creation of myths, in the origin of religions, and in the creative process out of which works of art arise. Huxley saw the value of hallucinogenic drugs in that they give people who lack the gift of spontaneous visionary perception belonging to mystics, saints, and great artists, the potential to experience this extraordinary state of consciousness, and thereby to attain insight into the spiritual world of these great creators. Hallucinogens could lead to a deepened understanding of religious and mystical content, and to a new and fresh experience of the great works of art. For Huxley these drugs were keys capable of opening new doors of perception chemical keys, in addition to other proven but laborious door openers to the visionary world like meditation, isolation, and fasting, or like certain yoga...

Do Psychedelic Shamans Dream Of Valis

Since his death it has been speculated that P.K.Dick suffered from what is known as temporal lobe epilepsy - a brain disorder that can lead to hallucinatory experience - and that this explains his mystical encounters. However, leaving aside the contentiousness of this claim, it does not deal with the burning issue of immediate mystical experience. To label an experience in order to explain it away is to avoid the very real nature of the mystical experience however it should arise. In fact, as Huxley noted in Doors, we should not be surprised if there was always unusual neuronal activity concurrent with a mystical experience, for, as we have seen, modified neuronal firing patterns are related to expanded forms of consciousness. Altered forms of awareness demand altered brain processes, and such a change in brain state can be achieved in many different ways whether through psilocybin mushrooms, endogenous DMT, yoga, meditation, fasting, or spontaneous epileptic disturbances. Mystical...

The Free Fall And Its Relation To The High Feeling

If one eavesdrops around a Drop Zone, he would almost get the impression that there is some sort of mystical-religious cult being practiced. Exclamations concerning the inability to describe the experience in words are commonplace, and to be compared only with conversations during and after psychedelic sessions. Psychedelic methods for expanding consciousness have included sensory deprivation, yoga exercises, disciplined meditation, psychodrama, Gurdjieff techniques of self-awareness, and more recently certain drugs, including LSD, DMT, Mescaline, Psilocybin, and Marihuana. These drugs have opened up psychedelic art techniques of direct (nonsymbolic) energy stimulation. At least one artist I know is now investigating the possibilities of expanding his consciousness through the Free Fall and is communicating his experiences in his paintings. I feel it only fair to point out that in some cases the Free Fall, unlike the Psychedelic drugs mentioned above, does call to mind similarities...

Effects Of Marijuana On The Central Nervous System

Drugs do not contain highs drugs trigger these highs. The potential for feeling high exists naturally within the human nervous system, and we have countless options for getting high without taking drugs. Small children love to spin wildly in circles. Many people go sky diving, fall in love, paint, meditate the list is endless.

Understanding The Tools

One of the most important things to remember during a trip is to flow with the experience. Don't try to hold on to your former identity as it is being dissolved. Don't be afraid of letting go of a beautiful feeling or vision if it starts to fade. If you're having a frightful experience don't run away from it, but look at it and see what you can learn. And when you recognize that you are starting to come down, don't rush to reclaim a familiar identity. Reflection and easing back to routine reality will allow you to retain more from your trip.

Attempts To Dam The Flow Of Psilocybin

He offered even harsher words about his second trip at Leary's apartment. When an American writer and acquaintance talked of 'cosmic awareness', 'expanding consciousness', and 'Zen Enlightenment', Koestler thought this downright obscene, more so than four-lettered words . Clearly, here was a man a trifle irritated by the blossoming psychedelic culture. Koestler was no hip hippy.

Addicted to Sensation

By transgressing literal reality for altered states of consciousness, the characters in the text exemplify this notion. They reject repressive ideological structures to pursue a form of enlightenment through self-analysis. However, this often instigates paranoia, despair and aggression. The most excessive scenes of drug use occur when Dr. Gonzo overdoses on acid and attempts suicide in the bath. Steadman's illustration dehumanises the subject, presenting him as a primitive beast with Instead of creating a taste for enlightenment, LSD was promoting a love of Since the evolution of drug culture has coincided with the notion of a post-modern, visual culture, it is hardly surprising that they refect each other. Drugs provide a rapid sensory shift. In a culture driven by renewal and plurality, they are a quick fix to enlightenment. The attraction of youth to drugs is a consequence of society's addiction to sensation.

The Mystic Philosophers

HINDUISM (India)The God Shiva is said to have brought cannabis from the Himalayas for human enjoyment and enlightenment. The Sardu Priests travel throughout India and the world sharing chillum pipes filled with cannabis, sometimes blended with other substances. In the Bhagavad-gita, Krishna states, I am the healing herb (Ch. 9 16), while the Bhagarat-purana Fifth Canto describes hashish in explicitly sexual terms.

Ralph Metzner PhD and Sophia Adamson

Teachers and practitioners of meditation and other forms of spiritual work describe the experience as being fundamentally an opening of the heart center. The heart center (or chakra) is considered to be related to healing and involved in all interpersonal relationships, especially familial and intimate ones. In many systems, because of its location midway between the abdominal and pelvic lower centers and the throat and brain higher centers, the heart center is regarded as the bridge between the mental and spiritual aspects above and the bodily and instinctual nature below. Thus, the opening (even partially) of this center is seen as the foundation for all further psychospiritual growth and practice. As an example, one woman observed, in her first experience with MDMA, a kind of knot in her heart center. As she focused warmth and caring attention on it, it seemed literally to loosen and unravel simultaneously, she was aware that several of her personal relationships were somehow being...

Plant Kingdom Sends Neurochemical Invitation To Apes

It must be remembered that Gregor Mendel was a monk in an ascetic order. He was trained in the Catholic form of yogic meditation, which consists (in vernacular terms) of monotony and isolation from hive pressure. Modern researchers call this sensory or social deprivation and have noted that it produces neurological effects similar to various neurotransmitter drugs, e.g. LSD and mescaline. (The interested reader can pursue this subject in the works of John Lilly, M.D., who has conducted extensive and courageous self-experiments with both LSD and social deprivation, as recounted in his Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer, The Center of the Cyclone and Simulations of God.) Mendel, it is possible, had passed through a neurological little death in which hive imprints and conditioning are suspended via meditation and social deprivation, and was able to receive signals from the neurogenetic archives (Seventh Circuit).


In progressive muscular relaxation a person slowly clenches and relaxes each of the body's muscle groups, in sequence, one after the other. Each clenching and unclenching should be gradual and take roughly ten to fifteen seconds. As the exercise proceeds, most people notice that they are physically much calmer. In using the breathing technique one sits quietly and comfortably breathing slowly in and out and saying in out in out with each breath. As thoughts come to your mind, you let them pass through and refocus your attention on your breathing. With meditation, one develops a sense of relaxation by concentrating on a word or phrase while simultaneously letting the body relax deeply. Attention is paid not so much to breathing or to the muscles, but rather to the word itself. Focusing on the word itself helps you to maintain a state of relaxation by overriding any thoughts that do come to mind. In self-hypnosis, you learn to imagine yourself in a...


The first thing I have noticed since coming up to this little scottish island retreat, is the silence. There are only about fifteen volunteers here, plus the people who come up in the summer for courses. There are no lights on the island, and the quiet time is 10.00 pm. As it is a place dedicated to meditation, there is no tv, radio or music blaring out (a welcome change from the city). They start meditation here at 6.00 am, which in the beginning would have been an arduous task, but now, two and a half months on, I am waking up with the birds at 4.30 or 5.00 am and getting on with my work straight away without feeling exhausted all day (and without the need for strong stimulants to start the day off).

The High

LSD's transparency makes it possible to have almost any type of experience. Users may guide themselves toward a particular flavor of experience using either internal focus, like meditation, or external stimulus like music or art. LSD's intensity is also quite variable. A 200 mcg. trip may feel more intense than a 500 mcg. trip from the same batch, and intensity can fade in and out during a session. Generally one will feel higher if taking the same amount of LSD, or any other psychedelic, in an unfamiliar environment. One aspect of dosage that seems consistent is the length of the trip. 100 mcg. Iasts me 5 to 6 hours, 200 mcg. - 8 to 10 hours, large doses have lasted up to 20 hours.

The Hard Sell

To those in the inner circle it quickly became apparent that the psychedelic movement would be sold like beer, not champagne, as Kleps put it. Whether or not the liberation was bogus, the style was strictly Madison Avenue. Leary not only hyped LSD as a shortcut to mystical enlightenment but also fused it with something that had proven mass appeal sex. In his 1966 Playboy interview he discussed psychedelics in the broad social context of erotic politics and hedonic engineering. Acid was portrayed as a cure for homosexuality and a means of inhabiting a supremely sensual reality. In a carefully prepared, loving LSD session, Leary stated, a woman will inevitably have several hundred orgasms. The three inevitable goals of the LSD session are to discover and make love with God, to discover and make love with yourself, and to discover and make love with a woman That is what the LSD experience is all about. Merging, yielding, flowing, union, communion. It's all love-making. The sexual impact...


In strong dosages ibogaine has been a component of African religious life. In that context the substance is used in its natural product format for meditation and to facilitate divine communication. Users may see rainbows around objects, lose barriers between senses (allowing sounds to be tasted, smells to be heard), and experience hallucinations. Fatal overdose is possible.


Meditate on the 300 million Arabs who fanatically believe that there is only one God, a vengeful monster named ALLAH and that all non-believers (and even neighboring believers) should be killed meditate on 300 million Catholics who are taught that there is only one God, a vengeful, litigious monster whose only son must be worshipped to avoid eternal damnation


Instead of grey walls to hurt prisoners and remind them of what they have done, we need soft colours and gentle curves, not harshness and austerity. Think I'm mad yet The place must be calming and the doors should close softly, not the violent sounds of metal against metal. The food should be vegetarian, to remove the violence of the death of the animal. Instead of prison warders, I see monks Not preaching religious texts, but as teachers teachers of meditation, one of the best ways to calm the violent mind. Perhaps we could teach them martial arts like tai-chi, a chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation, balance and health. A tai-chi practitioner knows he has the capacity for violence, but knows he will never use it and can help the violent man to understand his violence and transform it into a positive energy. What do you think I'm just thinking out loud here. Meditation, whether sitting or walking, calms the mind and creates harmony around us. It...

Sterile Technique

The very heart of tissue culture work is sterile technique. I have tried to describe everything else first what is needed, and why. But to describe sterile technique is somewhat difficult. The actual task is not difficult, as you will see in the drawings. What is difficult is overcoming your fears of the unknown in this case, contamination. Because mistakes are not immediately apparent, nor are the sources of contamination, there is a natural initial over-cautiousness over details which will seem to be important but quite often are extraneous. I think therefore the best way to teach it is to show the movements. Like any meditation, with time you will choose the movements which are most comfortable. The secret is to relax, breathe deeply and focus your consciousness at a certain point in space, e.g., the inoculating loop, while moving with flowing gestures.

Unseen Worlds

Cleo, whose enlightenment experience we will discuss in a later chapter, also met up with visions of DNA We'll read about Sean's enlightenment experience in greater detail later. However, for our purposes, what's interesting to note is what he told us after his third 0.3 mg kg DMT session during the tolerance study. Al


Most of us live in such highly urbanised environments, full of unnatural sounds that are not in tune with the natural world. That is why meditation and relaxation cd's have the sound of wind, waves, whales, and streams flowing on them, it's what puts us back into our natural state of relaxation. Close your eyes and let the thoughts of your brain wash over you. Don't try to interact with them, just watch them as if they were being carried along by a wave. It's hard at first your first reaction being to open your eyes and fidget, or go and do something else - but just sit. You don't have to study meditation or listen to whale music to do this. Just sit. Try it with me now if you wish. You will need to read through it first, as you will want to close your eyes


Everyone has ambition, even the monk wants to be a successful meditator, only his ambition is to reach god, to find enlightenment. None of us are free from it. You see, it's not solely about money or possessions but our need to climb, to get somewhere, to get more knowledge, to discover more things. We are all ambitious. Because our minds are wired that way.


Some monks actively pursue this kind of physical suffering in order to attain enlightenment through fasting, or self flagellation (beating as a source of erotic or religious stimulation), but I don't recommend it If you want to lose a bit of weight, go ahead and stop eating for a day or so, or if you fancy a bit of erotic pleasure get someone to beat you with a whip, but suffering for religious reasons is pointless The lifestyle of a monk, I concluded, was where I was headed a strict diet served in a simple bowl with lots of serious meditation and being serious. Only through this path could I attain enlightenment, leave this feeble earth body behind, and join in with the rest of the enlightened ones as part of the universal consciousness After all, that's what the other monks are trying to do, get out of the cycle of suffering, and do a little bit of praying for the poor souls left behind.


Sure, we may build a few natural parks with lakes etc. to make the people believe they have something in common with nature. But there is nothing we have in common with nature anymore, technology has seen to that. That is why all of us, whether we are religious or not, could benefit from spending some time in a monastery, where the only technology employed, is the technology of the mind in action. Where you can start to develop a true awareness of yourself, where you can start to find out who you are, and begin to understand your place in the universe. Of course, you could just buy a meditation cd and listen to it on your mp3 player in the lounge

Rlnaia S

A painter and experienced Buddhist meditator in her forties describes her one experience with ayahuasca, in which she reached a state of profound equanimity in the face of both the beauties and the horrors of existence. My first, and as of yet, only experience with ayahuasca took place in a comfortable geodesic dome in a relatively rural setting. Along with the others in my circle, I spent the day fasting, meditating, and fine-tuning my intention what it was that I hoped to investigate while on the medicine. This intention was dealt with very early on in my experience on the medicine. And although enlightening, it was in some ways the least important part of my experience. various Eastern philosophies. For quite some time I had been a vegetarian and practiced meditation and yoga on a daily basis. Still, I comprehended the various philosophical concepts and precepts of Eastern thought on an intellectual level only, and no doubt superficially at that. My experience with the ayahuasca...

Tao Of Hypnosis

It's time to change tlie way that you perceive and interact with your own mind, imagination and dream state. This guidebook and three audio CD set combines a mix of meditation, relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques, that enable you to enter a deep self-_ . hypnotic trance where you wili trek through the forest, fly above


Meditators spend their time trying to transcend thought, to quieten the mind from its incessant mind talk, to achieve a state where thought does not exist, only pure consciousness and clarity. They attempt to do this through various means - by chanting mantras for instance - to force out all other noise, but we will discuss meditation in more detail as a separate topic. Let us just say that thought has been giving anyone concerned with the mind a great deal of problems over many years


Almost forty years after the discovery of LSD's powers, Dr. Albert Hofmann, the scientist who accidentally uncovered the mysteries of compound 25, is retired and living in Switzerland, He rose at Sandoz to direct the company's research into the medicinal properties of plant life, earning honorary degrees for his achievements, in 1979, he published his own account of the early history of LSD in a book wryly entitled LSD, My Problem Child. In it he concluded I see the true importance of LSD in the possibility of providing material aid to meditation aimed at the mystical experience of a deeper comprehensive reality. Such use accords entirely with the essence and working character of LSD as a sacred drug.

Various Realities

What constitutes the essential, characteristic difference between everyday reality and the world picture experienced in LSD inebriation Ego and the outer world are separated in the normal condition of consciousness, in everyday reality one stands face-to-face with the outer world it has become an object. In the LSD state the boundaries between the experiencing self and the outer world more or less disappear, depending on the depth of the inebriation. Feedback between receiver and sender takes place. A portion of the self overflows into the outer world, into objects, which begin to live, to have another, a deeper meaning. This can be perceived as a blessed, or as a demonic transformation imbued with terror, proceeding to a loss of the trusted ego. In an auspicious case, the new ego feels blissfully united with the objects of the outer world and consequently also with its fellow beings. This experience of deep oneness with the exterior world can even intensify to a feeling of the self...

W Product Review

Knoll Dilaudid

I also got to try the Diviner's Elixir from Natural Universe, Inc. recently. It has a minty quality that is really pleasant and a pleasant light to moderate effect, able to satisfy the needs of most customers. Really great job on that one, I have to say. Aminex is another new product from Natural Universe. This pungent aroma therapy blend stimulates the imagination and creativity while helping provide a relaxing environment in which to meditate and or create.

El Ahijado El Nene

Electronic drugs Colloquial term for electro-meditation devices which seek to produce effects similar to drugs by direct electrical stimulation of the brain - advertised as mellow, deeper relaxation, lucid dreaming, and increased psychic ability . Electuary A drug mixed with sugar and water or honey into a pasty mass suitable for oral administration. Middle English electu-arie, from Late Latin electuarium, probably alteration of Greek ekleikton, from ekleik-hein, to lick up ek-, out + leikhein, to lick. Elefant 1. Colloquial term for heroin. 2. Colloquial term for LSD on paper. 3. Colloquial term for PCP. Elefantenwinde Argyreia nervosa. Elefanti Colloquial term for PCP. Elefanti blanco Colloquial term for LSD. Elenium Chlordiazepoxide or Chlordi-azepoxide hydrochloride. Elephant 1. Colloquial term for heroin. 2. Colloquial term for LSD on paper. 3. Colloquial term for PCP, from its former use as a big animal tranquilizer. Elephant creeper Argyreia...

Pushing the Envelope

Memoirs of Millbrook are rarely coherent. What is offered is a series of snapshots Tim astride a horse painted blue on one side, pink on the other Tim popping into the kitchen exclaiming, Jesus Christ, do I have to fuck every girl who comes into this place 1 Metzner tinkering in his electronics laboratory, producing eight-hour tapes that Leary and Alpert would listen to in the meditation room, waiting for the whispered instructions to lift their imprints R. D. Laing performing a sufi ballet in the kitchen Alan Watts interpreting the I Ching, fire crackling in the huge central fireplace, shadows dancing like Tibetan temple gods across the ceiling or Maynard Ferguson standing on the rooftop sending long trumpet rills snaking out over the gardens, in which another jazz legend, Charlie Mingus, could sometimes be found pruning the rosebushes. A golden year, was Alpert's memory of those first months at Millbrook. Leary, characteristically, was more dramatic On this space colony we were...


Sculptures Mushroom Psychedelic

Certain hypnotherapy techniques are known to induce experiences similar, but not identical to, those caused by administration of hallucinogens. Recent studies have demonstrated that hypnosis can benefit the immune system, a finding that suggests psilocybin and related compounds may have potentially similar properties. Meditation and dreaming are additional examples of states of consciousness with interesting parallels to psychedelic experiences, yet very little is known about these links, due to the scarcity of research efforts in this area.

Seeing is Beholding

Schoenfeld, who once served as Tim Learv's family physician and now shares his expertise with cyberians as co-host of the DRUGS conference on the WELL, explains, that quality - that nonjudgmental quality could be carried over without the effects of the drug. After all, one hopes to learn something from a drug experience that he can use afterward. (All this interest in meditation and yoga, all these various disciplines, it all began with people taking these drugs and wanting to recreate these states without drugs.) So, to the extent that they can, that is a useful quality. And this nonjudgmental quality is something I think that can be carried over from a drug experience.

The Powers Of Peyote

Photo Gandhi Quand Manifeste

Man, each with explicit duties and ritual paraphernalia. Like the mushroom ceremony, the night-long peyote meeting ends with a communal meal at dawn. In comparison with wild dancing of the Tarahumaras (described by Western observers from Lumholtz. to Artaud) and the brightly-colored yarn paintings depicting the peyote mythology of the Huichols, the Native American Church peyote ceremony is solemn and relies on prayer and meditation.

Final Thoughts

Each of us carries tacit assumptions about thoughts, awareness, and an internal life. It is perfectly human to assume that consciousness should be a certain way. We all have stereotypes about techniques designed to alter thoughts and awareness. Mental activities for changing consciousness can provide examples. Look at common attitudes about meditation, frequent prayer, and hypnosis. People who do not engage in these practices may see those who do as decidedly deviant. Yet the activities remain legal, perhaps because they cause no harm. Physical activities also change consciousness. Skydiving, bungee jumping, and motorcycling remain legal. In addition, they are not harmless. But more people have died from these activities than ever overdosed on marijuana. Many see these actions as deviant. Yet they do not bother people enough to inspire prohibition. Something about the required effort and the attempts at safety seem to keep these activities from becoming crimes. The fact that they do...

Meth Fools The Brain

Methamphetamine And Brain Synapses

Drugs do not contain highs they trigger highs. The potential for feeling high exists naturally within the human nervous system, and countless options for getting high without taking drugs exist. Indeed, pleasure is a genuine physiological sensation. For example, the runner's high is a natural physiological response caused by the release of endogenous chemicals, dopamines. Small children love to get dizzy and disoriented by spinning wildly in circles. Many people go skydiving, fall in love, paint, meditate . . . the list is endless.16

F 6040 fc 6070

A great variety for the young or young at heart. Eclipse oilers clear, jubilant effects. The bun creates a mind expanding sensation, which makes it great for meditation or other activities that would benefit from an enhanced sense of concentration. It has one of the fruitiest tastes that can be achieved and smells unbelievably fruity when growing.


Kundalini yoga operates by activating each chakra in turn, from the bottom up. Activation is accomplished by steady concentration* on the chakra until its alleged energy is experienced and new perceptions appear. Many claim that if the musical notes are struck on an instrument before and repeatedly during such meditation-activation, the effect emerges faster. Medical and physiological science has not found any physical basis for these alleged chakras because these events are neurological not anatomical.


Outdoor Marijuana Stakes

SS If you could isolate one facet of cannabis or hemp that has kept you going for so long, what would it be What has motivated you to speak out so passionately, for so many years, and with such limitless energy JH Think about how you felt the first time you read that book. That enlightenment. Suddenly a whole new world of information is open to you, and you start to think about things differently. Look, 90 of everything, up until only a hundred years ago, was made of hemp. I never knew that did you know that Sails, cloth, tents, ropes we could be making almost everything we need right now out of hemp. Until a hundred years ago, around a third of all our medicines were cannabis-based. Nobody knows this anymore. They didn't even know the medical worth in America until around 35 years ago. I discovered this thirty years ago (I was a history major in school) and was amazed. Everything I can wear, and paper, and rigging for ships and they never lost a child as a result of the...

Making Connections

With E, you don't get so far out, like on acid, where you lose touch with the physical world. It allows you an easier time to bring the insights back in. Huxley talked a lot about the importance of integrating the mystical experience with the worldly experience. He had that one trip where he decided, 'The clear light is an ice cube. What's important is love and work in the world.' And love and work in the world is what Ecstasy shows you. It's a model for enlightenment, and the challenge is bringing that into the real world.

The Spirit Molecule

It is almost inconceivable that a chemical as simple as DMT could provide access to such an amazingly varied array of experiences, from the least dramatic to the most unimaginably earth-shattering. From psychological insights to encounters with aliens. Abject terror or nearly unbearable bliss. Near-death and rebirth. Enlightenment. All of these from a naturally occurring chemical cousin of serotonin, a widespread and essential brain neurotransmitter. While there is some appeal to this argument, the presence of DMT in so many other readily available forms weakens it to some extent. That is, if someone could not make their own DMT by, for example, deep meditation, there are plenty of plants full of DMT much easier to use than austere spiritual practices. This would certainly be the case for people who live in a DMT-rich environment, such as Latin America.

Valley of the Nerds

The mathematician residing in this self-similar niche of academia and psychedelia is Ralph Abraham, who broke through to Cyberia on his own, and in a very different manner. He abandoned Princeton University in favor of U.C. Santa Cruz in 1968, during what he calls the apex of the counterculture. It was while taking psychedelics in huge barn 'be-ins' with his newfound friends that Abraham became familiar with what people were calling the 'emotional reality' of numbers, and this led him to the hills and caves of the Far East where he spent several years meditating and hallucinating. On returning to the university and his computer, he embarked with renewed vigor into hyperspace to churn out the equations that explain his hallucinations and our existence.


So, no, I am not going to give you any tips on stress reduction, you can pay your therapist for that, or go to a yoga class or take tai-chi Stress reduction is not about learning yogic breathing or doing meditation, although it may give you a break from competition. Stress reduction is not about re-aligning your city self with your natural self by going on retreats, although they may help temporarily.

The Building Blocks

Phenethylamine Pill

In addition, it soon became apparent that the experiences described by volunteers under deep psychedelic influences were strikingly similar to those of practitioners of traditional Eastern meditation. The overlap between consciousness alteration induced by psychedelic drugs and that induced by meditation attracted the attention of writers outside of academics, including the English novelist and religious philosopher Aldous Huxley. Huxley underwent his own remarkably positive mescaline and LSD experiences under the watchful eye of the Canadian psychiatrist Humphrey Osmond, who visited him in Los Angeles in the 1950s. Huxley soon wrote about his drug sessions and the musings they inspired in him. His writings on the nature and value of the psychedelic experience were compelling and eloquent, inspiring many individuals' attempts to attain, and researchers to elicit, spiritual enlightenment through psychedelic drugs. Despite that fact that his ideas stimulated a massive movement toward...

Kykeon Fermentation

Nowhere in the Vedas is soma actually identified. The original soma grew only in the mountains and was lost as the Aryans plunged deeper into India. Substitutes were sought, and yoga, perhaps known eaulier, was accepted into format religion in an attempt to recapture through meditation the glorious visions once induced by soma. The plant

Psychedelic Sessions

After the administration of LSD there is a latency period of about twenty to forty minutes before the drug takes effect. Its duration depends on the route of administration, the amount of food in the stomach if the drug is ingested, and the level of psychological defenses. The time before the onset of the drug effect can be spent in meditation, listening to quiet music, looking at pictures, or in relaxing discussions. Sometimes it is interesting to leaf through the family album or look at pictures of close family members if one wants to use the experience for a deeper insight into and work on relationships with close relatives. All that has been said above applies to psyehedclic sessions which have an uncomplicated and relatively smooth coursc. In such sessions, the client is able to maintain the reclining position, stays with the eyeshades and headphones on, keeps the experience internalized, and is capable of handling the emerging unconscious material adequately. In the best...

High Surrealism

After their expulsion from Harvard, Leary and Alpert were determined to carry out additional studies in the religious use of psychedelic drugs. They set up a grassroots nonprofit group called the International Federation for Internal Freedom (IFIF), whose ranks quickly swelled to three thousand dues-paying members. Local offices sprang up in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. IFIF believed that everyone should be allowed to use mind-expanding chemicals because the internal freedom they provided was a personal and not a governmental matter. They envisioned a society in which large numbers of people would seek higher consciousness, ecstasy, and enlightenment through hallucinogens. It's only a matter of time, Leary stated confidently, until the psychedelic experience will be accepted. We see ourselves as modest heroes, an educational tool to facilitate the development of new social forms We're simply trying to get back to man's sense of nearness to himself and others, the sense of social...

Mystical States

LSD, first opened the doors to a new reality for them. It was the pursuit of stabilizing, strengthening, and broadening their initial psychedelic flash that led them to the discipline of a communal, meditation-based ascetic life. We call it enlightenment because we encounter the white light of creation's majesty. We may meet guides, angels, or other disembodied spirits, but we pass them all as we merge with the light. Our eyes now, finally, are truly open, and we see things clearly in a new light. Supervising these sessions was relatively easy, at least at first. I knew the territory based upon training, study, and experience. The difficulties emerged in the interpretation of these effects, and my sense of their importance. Were they real enlightenment experiences How would I know And with whom could I consult about them multiplied a million old. I could only hold on, remembering not to fall off into the distracting light show. Then everything stopped The darkness opened to light, and...

The Power of Meditation

The Power of Meditation

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