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In the progression of techniques, the Agaricus tray has been modified for growing Oyster mushrooms by turning it vertically so mushrooms could fruit out both faces. Usually these vertical surfaces are screened w'th tight wire or plastic mesh. Perforated plastic positioned between the substrate and the wire mesh allows the formarion and development of mush rooms while retaining moisture. Alternately, a plastic curtain is used to envelope the container until the time of fruiting

Racks having a breadth of 12-16 inches sup port full flushes and generally do not become anaerobic near the core, a problem seen when racks are 20 inches and more in breadth. If properly designed, individual 4 ft. x 4 ft. to 4 ft. x 8 ft. rack frames can be stacked upon each other in the construction of continuous mushroom walls. With one side of the frame hinged for opening, filling is made easy.

Another variation of wall culture is the building of walls by stacking polypropylene bags, sideways, on top of one another Only the ends of the bags have an opening, causing mushrooms to form on the exposed outer surface of the constructed wall. Here, forming the bags into a square shape at the time of inoculation facilitates wall construction.

Figure 159. Slanted wall culture of Shiitake, constructed of stacked sawdust blocks.

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