The Paddy Straw Mushroom of the Genes Volvari

Prodigiously fast growing and one of my favorite mushrooms for for the table, this mushroom thrives at warm temperatures (between 75-95° F. or 24-35° C.) and dies when temperatures drop below 45° F. (7° C.). This temperature range limits its cultivation in all but the warmest c'imates or months of the year. In subtropical and tropical Asia, many farmers rely on the cultivation of V. volvacea as a secondary source of income, making use of waste rice straw and cottonseed hulls. This mushroom has become an economic ma- 'Stay in the agricultural economies of Thailand, Cambodia. Vietnam, Taiwan and China.

Two methods have evolved for its cultivation. The first method is outdoors simple, and low-tech, owing its success to the rapidity ofV. volvacea's life cycle. The second method has been developed for intensive, indoor commercial cultivation, more closely resembling the composting procedures practiced by the Agaricus industry in the promotion of Actinomyces colonies, except that manure is not employed.

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Organic Gardeners Composting

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