The Laboratory Complex

Ideally, a specially constructed build;ng or a space within an existing building is retrofitted with the following parameters in mind. Please refer to Appendix II for more information on the necessary equipment and rules of behavior within the laboratory environment.

Purposes: To isolate and develop mushroom cultures for generating pure culture spawn Facility: A building well separated from the growing room complex. Maximum Temperature: 80° F. (26-27° C.) Minimum Temperature-70° F. (21-22° C.) Humidity. 35-50% Light: 500-1000 lux. Insulation. R16-R32

Positive Pressurizfltion: Yes, through HEPA filters. Additional Comments: The laboratory should be uphill from the growing rooms so that passage of spawn is aided by gravity as it is transported. The laboratory is a relatively dry environment, encouraging the growth of mycelium only in protected containers (petri dishes, jars, & bags). Condensation surfaces mast be minimized. After construction, every seam, should be sealed with silicone caulking.

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