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The growing room complex can house all non-laboratory activities within one building. Each room has different requirements accord ing to function.These recommendations should be used as general guidelines, subject to amendment. Growers in humid tropical requirements face a set of problems uniquely different from growers in cold, temperate climates. Ancillary storage & shop maintenance buildings are not listed.

Purpose: To grow as many mushrooms as possible

Facility: Rooms vary in size from 10 x 20 ft. to 40 x 100 ft. with 10-20 ft. ceilings and are usu ally rectangular in shape with large doors at both ends. Growing rooms should have cement floors, with drains, and equipped with water lines. Electrical boxes and hghts must be waterproofed. Internal walls should be constructed of non-degradable materials. Use of wood should be minimized

Maximum Temperature: 80° F. (26-27° C.) Minimum Temperature: 45 F. (7-9° C.) Humidity: 50-100% Light: 50-1000 lux^ Insulation: R8-R16 or as needed. Positive Pressurlzation: Yes through electrostatic filters.

Additional Comments: Ideally, a flow-through design is followed, both in consideration of fresh mushrooms as well as the entry and exit of substrate mass. Removing contaminated substrates into the same corridor through which freshly spawned substrate is being transferred causes cross-contamination. Spent substrate should be exited out of the opposite ends of the growing rooms. Many farms bring their fresh nushrooms into the main hallway, en route to the sorting and cold storage rooms.

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