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1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation Spawn Media: Liquid or grain spawn throughout. Sawdust can be used as the final spawn medium if desired.

Substrates for Fruiting: Sterilized hardwood sawdust (maple, oak, beech or elm), pasteurized wheat, rice or paddy straw.

Recommended Containers for Fruiting: Bags, columns, trays or bottles.

Yield Potential: Biological efficiency rated at 50-75%, higher on sawdust based substrates than on

Hardest Hints: Mushrooms should be picked before the caps mushrooms can become quite large unless cluster formation is promoted. The stem is edible. Form of Product Sold to Market: Fresh mushrooms and dried are sold inThailand, Taiwan, China and elsewhere in Asia.

Nutritional Content: Not known to this author. Medicinal Properties: Not known to this author.

Flavor, Pr ,aration & Cooking: This mushroom can be cooked like most Oyster mushrooms in stir fries in white sauces or adorning lamb. Please refer to the recipes in Chapter 24. rnmmPnt<- Mv excellence has been that cultures from Thailand and Taiwan, where this group of mu^oms'tlZSy aSLed, produce abundantly on nee straw and perform less podu*

are more narrowly specific in their fruiting requirements, requiring sustained warmth and must be more carefully matched with the fruiting substrate than, or ins anc ^^^ more adaptive to a wider vanety —' ^

Guzman et a". (1991), Jong & Peng (1975), Peng (1974) and Miller (1969).


Pleurotos djamor (Fries) Boedjin sensu lato

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Figure 269. Mycelium of P. djamor 5 & 10 days after inoculation onto malt extract agar media.

Introduction: Tiis spec m encompasses a complex of brilliantly pink Oyster mushro >ms. The pink Oyster varieties are the most common occurring \ id Pleuivtus in pan-tropical climatic zones of the world. Known fo, '.ts speed to fruiting, ability to flourish on a wide variety of base materials, and high temperature tolerance- this species is so aggressive as to colonize unpasteurized bulk substrates before competitors can flourish. When growing this mushroom en masse, albino clusters sometimes form

Common Names: The Pink Oyster Mushroom

The Salmon Oyster Mushroom

The Strawberry Oyster

The Flanrigo Mushroom

Takiiro Hiratake (Japanese)

Tabang ngungut (Dasun-Northern Borneo)

TaxoHomic Synonyms & Considerations: Th s mushroom has a trail of synonyms, when taken as a whole, represent a large complex of pan-tropical varieties Pleurotus flabellatus (Berk. & Br.) Saccardo, P. ostreato-roseus Singer and P. salmoneo-stratrr leus Vasil. are included within the Pleurotus djamor species complex Although the mushrooms are usually p :nk this color is temporal sometimes fading as the mushrooms mature

Figure 270. Mycelium of F. ijumor 14 days aner Un^-

Originally published by Fries in 1838 as Lentinus djamor , the Friesian concept has been

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