Suggested Agar Culture Media Mypa Pdya Dfa or OMYA

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1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation Spawn Media: Hie first two generations of spawn can be gram. The third generation can be sawdust or grain.

Substrates for Fruiting: Supplemented sawdust. Good wood types are cottonwood, willow, oak, alder bc-ch or tlr The effec .ness of other woods has not yet been established From my experience', stra ^oes not provid comm. ci; ly viable crops unless inoculated up to 25% of its weight with sawdust spawn.

Re, immended Containers: Bottles or narrowly opened bags :egen ral > .referred so that stem elo i c i be encouraged. Open bag culture results in squat looking mushrooms. Yield Potentials: 1/2 lb. of fresh mushrooms per 5 lb. blocks (wet weight) of supplemented hardwood sawdust/chips.

Harvest Hints: This mushroom is "waxy" when young firm, and deliriously edible. The fir »ess of the flesh is gradually lost as le mushrooms enlarge N ushrooms are best picked when the caps are still convex and the margin remains incurved.

Form of Product Sold to Market: Fresh, dried & powdered. Extracted fractions for cancer treatment may be available in the near future. Nutritional Cement: Not known.

Figure 221 and 222. Bottle culture of H. tessulatus (as H. marmóreas) in Japan. Note marbled caps, sometimes referred to as "water spots" by mycologists.

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