Pholiota nameko T Ito S Ito et Tmai n Imai

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Figure 253. P. natueko mycelia 5 and 10 days after inoculation onto MEA media

Introduction: Pholiota nameko is one of the most popular cultivated mushrooms in Japan, closely ranking behind Shiitake and Enokitake. This mushroom has an excellent, flavor and texture. P. nameko would be well received by North Americans and Europeans if t were not for the thick, translucent, glutinous slime covering the cap. (T lis mucilaginous coal ;s common with many species of Pholiota.) Although unappealing to most, this slime soon disappears upon cooking and is undetectable when the mushrooms are served. My 12 year old son and I have engaged in more than one culinary battle to get the last tasty morsels of this mushroom! Triis mushroom is a superb edible which can be grown easily on sterilized, supplemented sawdust, and/or logs

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