Miscellaneous Data

1 level tablespoon of malt/agar (50:50) media =approximately 7 grams

1 US 5 cent piece (nickel) = approximately 5 grams

50 pounds of dry rye gram = approximately 125 cups

100 grams of dry rye grain = approximately 125 milliliters

1 standard U.S. glass gallon "mayonnaise" jar = 3800 milliliters when filled to brim

1 dry ton finely chopped wheat straw, when wetted and compressed, occupies approximately 200250 cubic feet.

1 ton compost (straw/manure) = 2 cubic yards = 70 square feet of beds (10-12 inches deep).

1 yard fresh alder sawdust = approximately 700 lbs.

Household bleach = 5% sodium hypochlorite 1 tablespoon bleach/gallon water - 200 ppm chlorine 1 cup household bleach/gallon = 3200 ppm chlorine

agar: a product derived from seaweed, valued for its gela inizing properties, and commonly j used for to solidify nutrified media for sterile tissue culture.

agarics: mushrooms with gills anamorph: forms of myce a which do not include basidia.

anastomosis: the fusion ofhyphal cells followed by an exchange of cellular contents between ; two mycelial networks.

annulus: a ring, a collar or cellular skirt forming on the stem, tyj ically originating from a j portion of the partial veil.

appressed: flattened.

ascus, asci: a sac-like cell typical of the Class Ascomycetes, usually containing 6 or 8 spores, j Most cup fungi and morels (Morchella) belong to this group.

autoclave: a steam pressurized vessel used for heat treating.

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