Grassland Mushrooms

Meadow Mushrooms

Agaricus campestris Agaricus arvensis Lepiota procera Horse Mushroom

Agaricus arvensis The Giant Puffball

Calvatia gigantea & allies * Smooth Lepiota

Lepiota naucina * The Parasol Mushroom

Lepiota procera Fairy Ring Mushroom Marasmius oreades

The Button Mushrooms Agaricus brunnescens Agaricus bitorquis (=rodmanii) The Magic Mushrooms Psilocybe cubensis Panaeolus cyanescens (=Copelandia cyanescens) Panaeolus subbalteatus Panaeolus tropicalis (Copelandia tropicalis)

Compost/ Litter/ Disturbed Habitat Mushrooms

Shaggy Manes

Coprinus comatus Scaly Lepiota

Lepiota rachodes * The Termite Mushrooms

Termitomyces spp. * The Blewit

Lepista nuda

Figure 14. Gardening with gourmet and medicina' mushrooms.


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