Common Names Lions Mane

Monkey's Head Bear's Head Old Man's Beard Hedgehog Mushroom Satyr's Beard

PomPom .

Yamabushi-take (Japanese for "Mountain-pnest mushroom I

Taxonomic Synonyms & Consideration?: Formerly known as Hydnum erinac Fr and soma ^£2*citec a Herici i iceum (^ Pe: .. Herimm coraUotd ^nd Henaum "si^Jspe in both the-habitat prefere :ea be cultivate o sawdus an differs from H. Mnaceus in that its spines fork rather than emerging in dividually.

growth parameters 389

Description: Composed of downward, cascading, non-fork' g spines, up to 40 cm. in diameter in the wild. Typically white un il aged and then discoloring to brown or yellow brown, especially from the top.

Distribution: Reported from North America. Europe, China and Japan. Of th eHericium species, this species is most abundant in the southern reg:" ns of United States

Natural Habitat: On dying or dead oak walnut beech, maple, sycamore and other broad-leaf trees. Found most frequently on logs or stumps

Microscopic Features: Spores white, 5.5-7.0 x 4.5-5.5/i. Ellipsoid, smooth to slightly roughened Clamp connections present, but infrequent.

Available Strains: ATCC # 62771 is an excellent, high yielding strain. Tissue cultures of wild collections vary significantly in the size of the fruhoody at maturity I prefer to clone from the mid-section of the stem or pseudo-stem of very young spe< miens

Mycelial Characteristics: Whitish, form' ng triangular zones of collected rhizomorphs, radiating from the dense center section. (The mycelium can resemble the structure of a glaciated mountain (i. e. Mt. Rainier) as seen from high overhead from an ai plane.). If the top and bottom of the culture dishes are taped together, evaporation is lessened with an associated pooling of carbon dioxide. This stimulates the mycelium :nto aerial growth. As cultures age, the mycelia become yellow to distinctly pinkish. Islands of young fruitbodies form in petri lish cultures incubated at 15° F. (24° C.) in two to rhree weeks. Such fru'<bodies are characterized by elongated, aerial spines ("spider-like"), which in age, change from whitish to yellowish.

Lions Mane Petri
Figure 345. Miniature H erihoctus fruitbody forming on malt extract agar medium.

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Fragrance Signature: Rich, sweet and farinaceous.

Natural Method of Outdoor Cultivation: Inoculation of logs or stumps outdoors using sawdust or plug spawn a la the methods traditionally use I for Shiitake. This is one of the few mushrooms which produces well on walnui logs. Oaks, beech, elm and similar hardwoods ( 2 "paper" barked hardwoods such as alder md birch are not recommended.) Once inoculated, the 3-4 foot long logs should be buried to ]B of their length into the ground, in a naturally shady location. Walnut is comparatively y^ slow to decompose due to its density, providing the outdoor cultivator with many years of fruitings. A heavy inoculation rate shortens the ■ V^^H'" d gestation period.

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