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mushroom, in my experience, re uires greater iSS^f^Ser species, The mycelium grows relatively si J on mitrified aar medk v': Lh fnaitbodi Uenforr g before the mycelii «has gr owr toamere25

mi^ln radius ^Furthen ore, transfer! g of mycelium from agar tc ain med -smgthe trai tional^ca^fel and wedge te hnique, results h co paratively slow growth tog weeks to colonize unless a resimen of diligen an frequentli|of th^spawnjari is followed.

> a classic example of a species which is stimulated by agitatron m q dcul-

21 ^^SaSssjsf use withevery 1WU oiste aken to evenly distribute the hquid inoculum


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