Atmospheric Steam Sterilization of Sawdust Substrates

Many cultivators can not afford, nor have access to large production-style autoclaves. The size of the sterilization vessel is the primary limiting factor preventing home cultivators also known as Super-Pasteurization, an alternative from becoming large-scale producers. Fortunately, alternative methods are available. Whereas straw is pasteurized for 1-2 hours at 160° F. (70° C.), supplemented sawdust is sterilized only when exposed to steam for a prolonged period of time. Many cultivators retrofit the cargo-style cont; mers used in shipping in a fashion similar to a Phase II chamber. Large-capacity commercial laundry washers, cement mixers, cheese-maidng vats, beer fermentation vessels, railroad cars, semitruck trailers, grain hoppers and even large diameter galvanized drain pipe can be retrofitted into functional steam chambers for the bulk processing of wood or straw-like substrates.

Once filled to capacity with bags of supplemented sawdust, steam is forcibly injected bringing the mass of the substrate to 190° F. (90° C.) for a minimum of 12 hours. Since water at sea level boils at 212° F. (100° C.), the mass of sawdust can not be elevated beyond ss-z

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