Local implementation is mandatory

To ensure that qualified patients, caregivers and collectives are protected all over the state, every county is required to implement the voluntary ID card system. HS 11362.71.(b) Every county health department, or the county's designee, shall do all of the following: (1) Provide applications upon request to individuals seeking to join the identification card program. (2) Receive and process completed applications in accordance with Section 11362.72.

(3) Maintain records of identification card programs.

(4) Utilize protocols developed by the department pursuant to paragraph (1) of subdivision (d). (5) Issue identification cards developed by the department to approved applicants and designated primary caregivers.

(c) The county board of supervisors may designate another health-related governmental or non-governmental entity or organization to perform the functions described in subdivision

(b), except for an entity or organization that cultivates or distributes marijuana. ...

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