Living within acceptable risks

This booklet is not a substitute for legal counsel. The issues discussed in it are either factual or subject to legal interpretation and changes in law. Before undertaking the cultivation or provi sion of medicinal cannabis, it is always a good idea to spend the time and money to talk with a knowledgeable attorney. Even if what a person is doing is legal under state law, there is risk. A patient can still be prosecuted in state court. Primary caregivers are especially at risk because supplying medicine may be charged as distribution. Anyone should be aware how serious the offense could be, how likely they are to be held criminal, and whether they can handle its consequences. In any "drug" case, the presence of a gun can often be used to add charges and increase sentences. If a case goes federal, a five-year mandatory sentence begins at 100 plants, and 10-years at 1000 plants, so it is important to balance legal rights against the ability to endure persecution.

In the end, you make the choice and take the risks.

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