CBD Cigarettes: The Newest Thing in Hemp and Cannabis

If you’re at all familiar with CBD, you know that their products are everywhere.  If there is something that can have CBD in it, then you can bet that it exists.  Companies and entrepreneurs are innovating in new and interesting ways to bring unique products to the market.  This line of thought has obviously created a large influx of products that is reach heights of super saturation. 

Regular CBD users have found that in order to get the best results they need to take in large amounts of CBD.  This can lead to time as well as monetary restrictions.  CBD products aren’t cheap and using high dosages can leave a strain on the wallet. 

This strain has led to the advent of CBD cigarettes.  CBD cigarettes are made from hemp.  Typically they are made from hemp trimmings or flowers and packed into cigarette form.  Sometimes they are also referred as hemp pre rolls.   CBD pre rolls are usually packed in some type of rolling paper or cones.  A popular brand of papers and cones is RAW. 

What makes these hemp cigarettes or pre-rolls so popular is the high CBD content.  You can easily get 100 mg of CBD per cigarette.  When comparing this to a typical oil or tincture where you may get the 10-20 mg of CBD per dropper full.  

Another benefit from smoking or inhaling CBD is the rate at which it is absorbed.  The effects you receive are near instantaneous, since it is going through your lungs and into your bloodstream very efficiently.  Compared to something like ingesting CBD oil, which can take hours to take effect because it must go through digestion and metabolism in order to finally get into your blood in what’s known as first pass metabolism.

Cost is another selling point for these CBD cigarettes.   One pack of cigarettes cost only about 15-20 bucks retails for a 10 or 20 pack.  Compare this to a high potency CBD oil, which can cost you upwards of a hundred dollars.  The savings alone can be a good reason to make the switch.

Plus, these are organic cigarettes with no additives or chemicals.  Tobacco and nicotine are high addictive and CBD cigarettes have proven to be a better alternative to regular cigarette smokers looking to step away from addictive nicotine.

Obviously, if you are not a smoker and you don’t want to start smoking then this option is the best idea since smoking is not completely harmless.  However, if you are already smoking and looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes then smoking hemp cigarettes is a wonderful choice that will provide all the healthy benefits of CBD without extraneous processing or tinkering.

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