The Health Effects of Marijuana

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Acute effects of THC can be severe but are usually short-lived and temporary. Current literature documents THC's "temporary" effect on health, suggesting that once the use of marijuana ceases, a rapid recovery from the drug's effects typically occurs.

However, equating "temporary" with "benign" (harmless) would be misleading because some of marijuana's so-called temporary effects can last a lifetime. For example, studies have shown that driving while high can increase the possibility of a motor vehicle accident. In this case, the consequences of marijuana's short-term effects (impaired attention, motor skills, and reaction times) might quickly transform "temporary" to "permanent."

Chronic effects are frequent, habitual, and long-term. Investigators are also very interested in the chronic health effects of marijuana and THC and their influence on the lives of teenagers. The scientific literature discusses health effects of marijuana on bodily systems.

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