Motivations to Use Marijuana

There are many reasons why teenagers enjoy getting high. Survey data over the years indicate that a majority of teens use marijuana to feel good, experiment, have a good time with friends, explore the inner self, and relax or relieve tension. According to these data, much of the motivation is celebratory in nature, and many teens use marijuana in social settings such as parties. Others use marijuana out of a sense of curiosity or adventure, the desire to "fit in" with a group of friends, or boredom. For every generation, defiance of parents can be a motivation to use marijuana.

Daily users often seem to use marijuana to deal with depression, anger, anxiety, and family/school problems and "to get away from problems." These negative reasons for getting

Heavy marijuana users may use marijuana to cope with emotional problems like depression and anxiety. Marijuana affects areas of the brain associated with memories, judgment, and reward. Using marijuana may exacerbate the problems the user is experiencing.

high suggest underlying psychological issues; as a result, daily users of marijuana may be more likely to become habitual, dependent users of the drug.

Getting to Know Anxiety

Getting to Know Anxiety

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