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Once the application has been verified as accurate and complete it is approved. When the $150 fee has been received the Oregon Health Division issues and mails a numbered certificate and a laminated wallet card to the patient, and any caregiver. These documents contain application information for any and all registrants. The laminated wallet card has two sides. The Oregon Seal is on the front, along with the name and address of the patient or caregiver (whichever person the card is issued to). The Oregon Health Division's telephone number and the date of issue and expiration also appear, as does the card number, printed in red.

The back of the patient's card has the corresponding information for the designated primary caregiver (if there is one). The name, address and date of birth of the caregiver is printed underneath the words "Oregon Health Division Medical Marijuana Program." Once again, it is critical that the address of the caregiver match the location of the Cannabis "grow" since the caregiver is, by definition, cultivating Cannabis. If the caregiver's address does not match with the grow location, police may telephone the Division for verification.

Extra copies of the documents should be made and stored. In the event that a patient is contacted by law enforcement, s/he should show either document as proof of An 8X9 inch, card-stock identification card is also sent to the registration. patient and caregiver. This sheet contains "RecordNo. " and "Audit No. "

in addition to all the information listed above. The record number is the database reference number. The audit number is the number given by the cashier to record the payment. Finally, the card-stock registration sheet also shows the Oregon Health Division letterhead.

Oregon Heath Division 000-000-0000

Medical Marijuana Pro


Caregiver: John P. Gro

999 Highway 99 E

Anywhere, OR 97300

Issued: 12/12/1999

DOB: G7/G4/196G

Expires: 12/12/2000


The Medical Marijuana Program Caregiver Card

The Medical Marijuana Program Caregiver Card

These two documents are to be kept secure and available at all times for police inspection. Extra copies of the documents should be made and stored. In the event that a patient is contacted by law enforcement, s/he should show either document as proof of registration. The police should then contact the Oregon Health Division before conducting any further search or investigation, unless they have reason to believe that a crime is being committed. (Chapter 2 describes law-enforcement issues including "knock-and-talk" procedures.) Registered patients should remember that the law allows them to possess, use and grow Cannabis. Therefore, a police officer cannot use the presence of Cannabis or plants to justify a search.

The registry identification card is valid for one year from the date issued, and must be renewed annually to remain active. Renewal occurs when the patient completes and submits a renewal form and encloses the annual fee. ($150 in 2000.) Renewing a registry card only requires the physician to confirm that the patient is still suffering from a debilitating condition. Information on the application should be updated at this time. If the information contained on the original application is still correct a new card is issued.

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