Water Hash with 15 Bags

The guys at THSeeds in Amsterdam, Holland, are expert hash makers. They taught and inspired my good friend Mono to strive to make the absolute best possible hash. Mofio uses



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Cef all your supplies ready before starting a water extraction run. A bcitb tab ancf a clean bathroom make an excellent water hash-making environment.

bags from several manufacturers to separate more and different grades of hash. Moño uses 15 different bags and extracts more resin than anybody else! Moño's work is so impressive that we decided to profile his extraction process here.

More wet sieves separate more and different qualities of cannabis resin. Resin heads are different sizes. They fall through different size pores in a sieve. You can separate different sizes of resin glands with different size wet or dry sieves.

Separate hash with progressively smaller sieves so smaller screens do not clog with wet hash.

Moño has a full array of separating bags from several manufacturers, His laboratory is set up in the bathroom, with the tub the center of attention. He keeps the "laboratory" clean with a shower head attached to a flexible hose. Here is the array of bags he uses to separate the trash from the hash.

The "work bag" is the one that contains the bulk of the processed resin-less leaf. The work bag is usually drained and set aside so the debris inside can be discarded at will.

Moño likes bags with rigid sides. They perform better because they retain their shape inside the bucket and are easier to use when only one person is making water hash.

Pour in the cold water and ice.

Use fresh-frozen bud trim. You can use large leaves, but they have little resin.

The process is done in two steps. First, he washes and separates the resin glands from the marijuana foliage using six screens. This process washes out virtually all of the foliage and contaminants.

The hash-laden water that is left over after passing through six bags is separated again by running it through eight more bags. The resulting hash is very clean.

Instructions for a 15-bag kit. The basic process is the same for each bag. You can add more or use fewer bags. Make sure to have everything ready before you start. You will not have time to look for supplies once you start this process.

You will need:

Bags with silkscreens

5-gallon (20-25L) bucket with lid

Kitchen mixer - Use the kind with paddles for mixing. Do not use the kind with a short chopping blade.

Paper towels

Dinner plate

Plastic card

Large mixing spoon

± 4.5-11 pounds (2-5 kg) of ice cubes, enough to keep the temperature down to 41DF (5°C),

Make sure to have plenty of ice, and do not add too much cold water before adding ample ice. Keep the ice mixed with ice-cold water to make it last longer.

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