Water Extracted Hash


Hash extracted using cold water is known as water hash, Ice-O-Lator hash, ice hash, THC crystal, etc. When' very pure, hash will bubble releasing volatile resins when exposed to a flame, hence the name Bubble Hash. This boiling effect is called "full-melt bubble" hash.

Modern water hash extraction started with "Sadu Sam's Secret" that was published in

HASHISH! by Robert Connell Clarke. Sadu Sam's Secret is simple physics: resin is oil-based and cannabis foliage is water-based. This difference makes separating the two in aqueous solution easy. Heavy, oil-soluble resin glands will not dissolve in water; they are heavier than water so they will sink. Water-soluble material dissolves in liquid, and foliage is lighter than water, which makes it float!

A passage from HASHISH! states:

"Sadu Sam's Secret involves stirring a few grams of pulverized flowers or freshly sieved resin powder into a tall container of coo! water containing ten to twenty times the volume of water to dry powder. Cool or cold water is essential because warm water softens the resin, which tends to stick together forming an unmanageable lump.., The mixture must be stirred vigorously for several minutes until the lumps of the powder disperse, Once stirring ceases, the differing particles in the suspension begin to separate. Plant particles and other light debris (such as plant "hairs") float to the surface. Small, immature resin glands also tend to float. Mature resin glands and any dense debris such as sand and mineral dust sink, settling to the bottom."

Sadu Sam and Mila (the Pollinator) are old friends, and both live in Amsterdam, Holland. Mila continued to play with the separation method and refined it. Within a short time, she combined the dry sieving process with ice-cold water-the outcome was Ice-O-Lator bags. They are three waterproof nylon bags with progressively smaller micron silk screens sewn into the bottom of each. Clean cannabis is chopped and placed in ice-cold water in the bags. The water is mixed. When the slurry settles, the resin glands pass through the screens, and the foliage and debris are retained in bags. The water is drained, and a few nice clumps of high-quality hash remain.

Bubble Man refined the process by adding more bags with progressively smaller mesh. He has been adding screens, and at the time of publication, he uses seven different screens. He found that each screen separates unique sedi-

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DO NOT use the mixer with a small cutting blade to mix the bucket fuJI of leaf, ice and cold water. This mixer will cut foliage and bruise resin glands.

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