Third Month

March 1st, Ninth Week

The plants are two months old and 18-36 inches tall.

Females should dawn white, hair-like pistils.

Male pollen sacks develop. Remove or save males for breeding-

Take clones for the next crop.

If there are any leaves yellowing and dying, fine-tune the weekly check list.

Air circulation, ventilation, and relative humidity are very important now!

Leach soil to wash away any excess fertilizer salt residues.

Seedlings only two-months old should be given another month of growth before flowering is induced-

Cloning for sex may now be practiced.

Soil will dry out rapidly now; watch for dry soil pockets.

Bend and tie plants over to give garden an even profile.

Prune plants that are shadowing other plants (optional).

Heavily planted rooms should be ready for a second lamp, Add another lamp to increase harvest.

This is the time of peak THC production. During the next one to four weeks, the tops will double in size and potency!

Lower leaves may yellow. If many leaves are yellowing, fine-tune the checklistAfter fine-tuning checklist, remove yellowing

Plants grow tall as they reach for the light.

leaves only if they are clearly going to die.

Garden might still be using quite a bit of water; make sure to check it daily if needed.

This is the last chance for spraying and fertilizing, if you plan to harvest within two weeks, If there are any nutrient, fungi, or insect disorders, this is the last chance you will have to use sprays to combat them.

March 15th, Eleventh Week

Tops elongate, making the garden's profile about 6-12 inches taller than two weeks ago.

Continue fertilizing with a high-bloom fertilizer.

Older leaves may start to drop a little faster, due to decreased nitrogen in the super-bloom fertilizer or if only an HP sodium lamp is used.

Inspect for bud (gray) mold.

Check all factors listed on the checklist. 1 Buds should be oozing with resin by now.

Some shade-leaf yellowing is normal.

Indica and early-maturing buds are nearly ripe now. Harvest if ready.

Water as needed.

No insecticides!

No fungicides

No fertilizer!

Check for bud blight or bud mold.

Females show white, fuzzy pistils when they flower.

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