Terrace Growing

Crowing in containers on a terrace, balcony, or roof is very rewarding. A small sunny location, good genetics, containers, and good soil are the basic needs,

Your gardening techniques will depend upon the location of the grow show. City building rooftops, terraces, and balconies tend to be windy. The higher the garden, the more wind. Wind dries plants quickly. See "Wind" in this chapter.

Patio gardens are most often protected from strong winds and strong sunlight.

An automatic watering system is often a good idea in such gardens to ensure they receive adequate water, especially if you are gone for a few days.

Pots will also need to be shaded from sunlight. Hot sun beating down on pots cooks plant roots. See Chapters Six ("Grow Rooms") and Ten ("Soil") for more information.

!\H pots inside another container to protect roots (mm being cooked by beat from the stm.
Beautiful plants line this protected Spanish tcrrace.

Containers with wheels are much easier to move, especially if you are moving them back and forth from indoors to outdoors.

Even with adequate security, the standard issues of water, soil, and fertilizer apply. For a successful crop, daily maintenance is essential during hot and windy weather.

Wind can carry rogue male pollen or industrial hemp pollen creating problems for terrace growers. Plan ahead. See "Rogue Pollen" above.

This cannabis plant is growing on a terrace between an ancient church and a high-rise office building.
Large containers require less maintenance and grow big plants.
Growing Cannabis Terrace
This terrace garden obscures the door!
Avoid planting too early in the year or lower growth will be spindly.
Growing Cannabis Terrace
This short crop was planted and harvested in just 3.5 months!
Basque growers planted this crap in a natural clearing in early summer,
Here is a shot o I the same garden (above) a couple months later.

Coastal winds tend to flow inland during the day creating caul zones denoted by blue lines.

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