Seed Crops

Harvest seed crops when seeds are big and ripe. Often, seeds actually split open their containing seed bract Flowering females grow many ready, receptive calyxes until pollination occurs. Seeds are fully mature within six to eight weeks. Once pollinated, the majority of the female's energy is directed toward seed production. Tetrahydrocannabinol (TI-IC) content is usually of minimum importance. Seed crops can be left in the ground until seeds "rattle in the pod," but most growers harvest them before then. Watch for and control insects, mites, and fungus that attack the weakening female and her cache of ripe seeds.

Home breeders often pollinate only one or two branches. The unpollinated branches are sinsemilla, The stnsemilla tops are harvested when ripe. Seeded branches continue to mature for another week or two until ripe. When seeds are mature, remove them from the pods by rubbing seeded buds between your hands over a container. To separate seeds from marijuana, place harvested seeds and accompanying

The end result is a compact, airtight bag of buds.

Buds are bagged alter weighing.

Bagged buds are then put into the vacuum/sealing machine.

Seeds in this 'Blueberry' female from Dutch Passion are split open, resin-coated calyxes.

foliage in a large tray with sides. Move the tray back and forth and tip so the seeds congregate in one corner. Remove excess marijuana by hand and repeat the process. Rub seeds together in your hands to remove traces of calyxes that still adhere to seeds. Agitate tray and lip to congregate seeds and separate from chaff.

Store seeds in a cool, dry, dark place. The seeds are viable and ready for planting as soon as they are harvested, but they may grow sickly plants. Let the seeds dry out a month or two before planting. Seeds with a hard outer cask are the most likely to sprout and grow well. See "Storing Seeds" in Chapter Two.

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