Second Morath

February 1st, Fifth Week

Vegetative plants should be 6-12 inches tall with broad, firm, green leaves,

Continue regular supplemental fertilization program.

Move HID 12-36 inches above month-old seedlings and clones.

Thin and transplant seedlings into larger pots.

Irrigate as needed.

February 15thr Seventh Week

Move vegetative clones into 12-hour flowering room.

Change to super-bloom fertilizer.

Plants should be 12-24 inches tall.

No leaves should be yellowing. If they are, fine-tune the weekly checklist.

Over-watering is sometimes a problem now. Check the soil with a moisture meter.

Increased air circulation and ventilation are essential.

Mist the garden with water to wash leaves.

Iron, magnesium, and nitrogen deficiencies could show up now.

Supplemental trace element mix should be applied.

Continue to water and fertilize your garden.

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