Rejuvenate harvested females by leaving several undeveloped lower branches with foliage on plants. Give her an 18/6 day/night pho-toperiod. The female will stop dowering and rejuvenate and revert back to vegetative growth stage.

Give the harvested, leafy, buddy stubs an increased dose of high-nitrogen fertilizer to promote green, leafy growth. This will help the harvested plant grow more foliage as it reverts back to vegetative growth in four to six weeks. New, green, leafy growth will sprout from the branches and flower tops. Leaves will continue to grow more and more "fingers" as re-vegetation progresses. Let the rejuvenated plants grow until they

This photo ol a seeded 'TNT' female was snapped in Gypsy Nirvana's grow room before the police harvested her.
Cannabis Calyx Stages
Let seeds develop until they are big and strong. Most often some of the seeds i actually split open the containing calyx.
Rejuvenate Grow Taller

are the desired size before inducing flowering with a 12-hour photoperi-od. If second crops are allowed to grow too tall, they produce sparse buds. Remember, these plants are already root bound and when given dim light, sparse buds result.

Here is a possible scenario to rejuvenate plants. For example, a person who grew a beautiful crop of females and knew each plant by name, had to harvest. Instead of starting from seed again, the grower decided to leave a few leaves and _ . , , , , ,

Rejuvenated plants take from a month to six weeks to develop new buds on the harvested stubby vegetative growth_

branches. He induced vegetative growth with 18-hour days and 6hour nights the day after harvesting. A month later, he took many clones from these original favorite females. He induced the original mothers to flower a month after the clones were taken. The clones were rooted, transplanted, and moved into a flowering room. The original harvest was taken on January 1st. The second harvest was April 1st. The second harvest weighed less, and the buds were smaller. Taking clones from rejuvenated plants also diffuses hormones and v&j^Swr. severely stresses ^wft ■ plants. -*ri

This female received 18 hours of light daily. A mistake made it receive a 12/12 day/night Schedule for three days, which induced flowering. The grower put it hack on an 18/6 day/night photoperiod. The plant took 6 weeks to resume normal vegetative growth. The light stress also caused leaves to grow in circles!

Hour Light Schedule Marijuana

Air 20%

Temperature Humidity

Light 20%

Spectrum (color) Intensity

Pholoperiod (hours of light per day)

Water 20%

Temperature pH

Oxygen content

Nutrients 20%

Composition Purity

Growing Medium 20%

Air content Moisture content

This cutaway basement grow room shows a real scenario. Plants on tables stay warmer and are easy to maintain.

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