Pests and Predators

Once your plants are in the ground, well-fed, and watered, check them weekly (if possible) for pest and fungal damage. Inspect the top and bottom of leaves for stippling (small spots) from mites or damage from chewing insects and

Marigold cultivars of the Tagetes erectci and I patula species, will repel nematodes, also known as eelworms, from the soil for two to three years if they are planted in an infested area and then tilled under. Just planting them in an area doesn't accomplish anything. Numerous tests indicate that they do not have an effect on insects above the ground.

Frogs and Toads

Frogs and toads eat insects and slugs. The frogs will need a water source, while toads are more terrestrial. Large snakes in the garden will eat gophers, squirrels, and mice as well as the moles and shrews. Snakes can give you a good scare if you come across one unexpectedly! The snake will also want to eat your frog. Plan carefully before committing to any mini-predator solution to pest infestation,

Growing Soilless

Growing Soilless

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