Ozone Generators

Ozone has many applications including food and water sterilization and removing odors from the air at the molecular level. Some growers even use high levels of ozone to exterminate grow room pests.

Ozone generators neutralize odors by converting oxygen (02) into ozone (OJ by exposing the stinky air to ultraviolet (UV) light. The extra molecule is always a positively charged ion that is predisposed to attach to a negatively charged ion (cation). Odors are negatively charged cations. When the extra oxygen ion attaches to the cation, they neutralize one another and the odor, too. Once the extra molecule is shed, 0, is converted back into 02. The chemistry takes a minute or longer to occur, so treated air must be held in a chamber to be converted effectively.

Ozone has an unusual odor similar to the smell of the air after a good rain. Anybody who

This grower treats the air with ozone and deodorizes air again just before it is expelled.

Ozone generators are rated by the number of cubic feet (ms) they are able to treat.

has ever smelted the air in a room recently treated with ozone knows the smell and will never forget it. Make sure not to produce too much ozone, and give it enough time to mix with smelly air to neutralize odors. The distinctive odor of excess ozone exiting a building will tip off narcs and thieves. For this reason, many growers also use a carbon filter to further scrub the air.

There are many ozone generators available. When shopping for an ozone generator, look for one that has been on the market for a few years and has an established track record. Watch for important features such as self-cleaning (or easy to clean) and easy, safe bulb replacement. When UV light encounters moisture in the air, nitric acid is produced as a byproduct. This white, powdery nitric acid collects around the lamps at connection points. This is an unpleasant, very corrosive acid that will severely burn skin and eyes. Verify that the ozone generator has proper safety features built in, such as a switch that turns off the lamp for maintenance, making it impossible to look at the retina-searing UV rays. Legal exposure for iiumans is about 0.1 ppm for a maximum of 8 hours. Most grow room ozone generators produce about 0,05 ppm at timed intervals. See below for plant symptoms of ozone overdose.

UV light is very dangerous. In a flash, intense UV light can burn your skin and the retinas in your eyes beyond repair. Never, under any circumstances, look at the UV lamp in an ozone generator. Sneaking a peek at a UV lamp in an ozone generator has cost more than one aspiring grower their eyesight! Ozone is also capable of burning your lungs. At low levels, there is no damage, but at higher levels, danger is imminent. Never, never use too much!

The Air Tiger'", manufactured by Rambridge, www.rambridge.com, is an excellent value for growers. It is one of the safest available and easy to maintain. A deadman's switch makes direct eye contact with the 10-inch-tong UV light lube

Airtiger Rambridge

The Air Tiger is a very popular ozone generator that is designed to lit inside ductwork.

Air Tiger Ozone
Mixing ozone-treated air for a minute or more allows O, to shed a molecule and become .

impossible. Highly corrosive ozone stays away from interior wiring, and little moisture can penetrate the outer shell to combine with O, to form powdery nitric acid.

Ozone generators are rated by the number of cubic feet (ms) they are able to treat. (To figure cubic feet or meters, multiply the length x width x height of the room). Some growers setup the ozone generator in the grow room and let it treat all the air in the room. They add a timer so the ozone generator intermittently disperses ozone into the room to maintain a relatively constant level, This practice can diminish the fragrance of the bud. Smart growers set up an ozone generator in a spare closet or build an ozone exchange chamber and route fragrant grow room air

Ozone Treatment For Cannabis

Ozone can severely damage foliage. This is what it does to foliage,

Ozone generators are located inside ducting. Crow room air mixes with ozone in ducting and big metal box. Air smells fresh and clean once treated properly with ozone,

Ozone Closet

A vent-fan duct hooks to each tube, and the air-cleansing agent is imparted before air is evacuated.

Ozone can severely damage foliage. This is what it does to foliage, through the closet for ozone treatment before being evacuated outdoors. Other growers set up the ozone generator in ventilation ductwork to treat air before it exits. Once generated, ozone has a life of about 30 minutes. It takes a minute or two for the 0^ molecules to combine with oxygen to neutralize odors.

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