Other Ways to Make C03

There are many ways to make CO.,. You can enrich small areas by burning ethyl or methyl alcohol in a kerosene lamp. Norwegians are studying charcoal burners as a source of CO,. When refined, the system will combine the advantages of generators and compressed gas. Charcoal is much less expensive than bottled CO, and is less risky than generators in terms of toxic by-products. Others are studying the use of new technology to extract or filter CO , from the air.

This little inexpensive puck called Excellofizz (www.fearlessgardener.com) releases CO, into the atmosphere. It is simple to use; just add a few ounces of water and a puck or two to cause a chemical reaction that will disperse enough CO , to augment the air in a 10-foot-square (9 m-') room to about 1000 ppm all day. It also releases a eucalyptus fragrance to help mask odors. Make sure to keep the fizz contained, and if using an ozone generator, keep the lamp clean.

The Excellofizz puck is a low-cost product that releases CO, when it is bathed in water.

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