Negative Ion Generators

Negative ion generators are small and somewhat efficient to control odors, smoke, airborne pollen, mold, dust, and static electricity. They pump negative ions into the atmosphere. The negative ions are attracted to positive ions containing odors and other airborne pollutants. The

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Some gardeners prefer to use essential oils to overpower fragrance. Such products arc available in liquid, gel, and spray forms.
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This grower treats the air with ozone and deodorizes air again just before it is expelled.

Ozone generators are rated by the number of cubic feet (ms) they are able to treat.

Fan with deodorizer

negative ions attach to positive ions, and the odor becomes neutralized. The particles fall to the floor and create a fine covering of dust on the ground, walls, and objects in the room. These devices work fairly well for small grow rooms with minimal odor problems. The generator uses very little electricity and plugs into a regular 115-volt current. Visually check the filter every few days, and make sure to keep it clean.

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