Grower's Bible by JORGE CERVANTES

In Memoriam:

Steven McWiliiams

Scared of possible jail time, in constant pain and lired of battling (or medical marijuana patients' rights, Steven McWiliiams committed suicide in San Diego on Monday July 12005 on his 51st birthday.

Mr. McWiliiams was famous nation-wide for his efforts and the legitimacy he lent to the medical marijuana movement. Not taken seriously at first, McWiliiams did nol give up, working for the movement since as early as 1996 when California state voters approved Proposition 215, allowing patients to use marijuana for medical purposes when prescribed by a doctor.

Steven McWiliiams worked to implement Proposition 215 locally in San Diego. Showing up weekly for City Council meetings carrying a marijuana plant, he urged the local politicians to come up with a plan for the distribution of marijuana. As a result the city came up with standards for the number of plants allowed by users. Mr. McWiliiams served on a city-organized committee for a time that dealt with these issues. He ran for city council a few times, when he wasn't alternately suing the city.

In spite of all this, he was convicted in 2003 for illegal cultivation, and sentenced to a six-month federal prison term. Still out on appeal at the time of his suicide, he was in chronic and serious pain, the judge had ordered that he not use marijuana. Mr. McWiliiams suffered severe side


This book is dedicated to Sebastain Orfali; Roger Watanabe; my mother, father, wife and family; all cannabis medical patients; and all the people who have suffered the effects of the War on {prohibited cannabis) Drugs, We share a common affliction. Some law enforcement and political agents have shared our pain; others are in different stages of denial. May the Christian God, Buddah, Alai, Sheeba, and the God you worship, bless you all.

elfects from the use of standard prescription painkillers. He left a note saying that the pain was loo much to bear, and he hoped his suicide would help change the government's position towards marijuana as a medicine.

Memorial services were held in San Diego at City Hall, white roses were passed to the attendees.

Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access said, "Steve McWiliiams was tortured by the federal government because of the medication he needed."

The Native Suns Dispensary opened in San Diego an June 6, 2005, in defiance of the Supreme Court's ruling against individual states' medical marijuana laws. In a 6-3 split-decision, Justice Paul Stevens said that congress has a mural responsibility to change the nation's laws regarding cannabis use for medical patients. In writing the decision, Justice Stevens did find that the federal government did not exceed its authority under law when federal officers raided medical marijuana patients with California state prescriptions.


Some information in this book was extrapolated from the "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Forums" found at This list contains OG member names and some of the many people who made this book possible.

tt has been a long and wending road. Many, many wonderful people have helped make this book a reality. I have listed everybody in alphabetical order, To clarify, some of the people below provided inspiration, others hard facts, and among them, some gave much more than others. We know who we are. and we are together!

Extra special thanks to Chimera who added precision and knowledge to the breeding chapter. He is an expert! I OK

Adam (Hempworks/THSeeds) Al (Insta Print) Alan Dronkers (Sinsi) Albert (Sensi) Aleen

Alex (not Lying Sack of Shit Alex)

Allen St. Pierre, (NORML) André Grossman (High Times) Annie

Apollo 11 Genius

Arjian (Greenhouse)






Barry (Australian Hydroponics) Bean (High Times) Ben Dronkers (Sensi) Bernard Rapaz (Valchanvre) Bev

Beverly Potter Biddy

BiglslandBud Bill C.

Bill Drake (Author) Bill K. Bill R. Bill

BOG ( Boy Ramsahai (High Life and

Soft Secrets) Breeder Steve (Spice of Life) Bubbasix Bubble Man Buddy R. Bud-E

Carlos Cholula Carlos Hernandez Cezar Doll (Cañamo) Charlie F. Charlie

Chimera (Chimera Seeds) Chris Conrad Chris I. Chris Payaso

Chris Simunek (High Times) Cliff Cremer (High Life and Soft

Secrets) Connie (Hanf) Consuelo Cosmic Jimmy Crow

DJ. Short (DJ Short Seeds) DaChronicKing Dan (Vancouver, BC) Dana Larson (Cannabis

Culture) Darryll (Kind Seeds) Daryll

Dave Bienenstock (High

Times) David Strange (Heads) David T. David W. David Watson David

Dennis (Crass Times) Dennis Peron Dennis S. Dennos

Derry (Barney's) Deva

Dieter Hagenbach Dirk Rehallan Doc Ontario Doctor Dangerous Don Collins Donny

Doug (HempworksAHSeeds) Dr. John McPartland (Hemp

Diseases and Pests) Drew Bennie Dutch Grown Eagle Bill (RIP) Ed Rosenthal (Author) Eddie (Flying Dutchmen) Eirik

Elizabeth Elmar (BTT) Emilio Gómez Enric

Ernesto (Cañamo) Evie

Farmer in the Sky Fatima

Felipe Borallo (Makoki) Felipe

Felix Kaatz (Owl's Production)

Feran (Good House Seeds)





Gaspar Fraga (Cañamo)



Gillis (Canna)


Glass Joe

Gloria (Kind Seeds)



Gregorio (Goyo) Fernandez Guido (Hanfblalt) Gurney

Gypsy Nirvana (Seeds Direct) Hank

Harmon D.



Henk (Dutch Passion)

Henk (HESI)

Hilary Black (Vancouver

Compassion Club) Hillary Black Hugo (Soft Secrets) Ivan (Ivanart) ixnay007 Jack Herrer

Jaime Pratz (Cañamo)

Jan Sennema

Jan bEG

Javi (The Plant)

Michka (Mama Editions)

Shantibaba (Mr. Nice)



Simon (Serious)

J avis

Migue! Gemino


Jerry smp



Jim from Chicago

Mike Edison (High Times)

Skip Higdon

Jim R.


Skip Stone




Jimmy Chicago

Mila (Pollinator)


JJ Jackson (Advanced

Moisés Lopéz (Cañamo)

Soma (Soma)



Spence (Cannabis College)

J J Turner

Mr. Beaner

Steve Bloom (High Times)

Joan Melendez

Mr. Ito

Steve from Amsterdam

John (Avalon)

Murphy Stevens (Author)

Steve from OZ


Napoleon (Martin)

Steve Hagar (High Times)

Joint Doctor (Low Ryder)


Steve R.

Jordí Bricker (Cáñamo)

Neil Wilkinson

Steve Solomon

Josete (Cañamo)

Neville (The Seed Bank)


Juan (The Plant)

Nick (Redeye Express)



Nol Van Schajk (Willie Wortel's)

Susan L.

Juaquin (El Conde) Bucati



Karen (The Amsterdam)


Taylor (Kind Seeds)

Karulo (¡'Interior)

Olaf (Greenhouse)

Ted B.

Kees (Super Sativa Seed Club)


Ted Zitlau, RIP

Keith Stroop (NORML)

Oscar (Osona)

Tgranne (Mama Editions)



Tim G.


Patty Collins

Tom (Sinsemilla Tips)



Tom Flowers (Marijuana


Pepe Poblacion

Flower Forcing), R!P

Kyle (Kind Seeds)

Phi! (Weed World)

Tony (Sagarmatna)

Kyle Kushman (High Times)

Pim (Super Sativa Seed Club)

Tony B.

Larry Armantrout



Larry Turner

Psychotropic Nomad

Uncle Ben


R.C. (


Laurence Cherniac (author)

Ravi Dronkers (Sens!)

Wally Duck


Red (Legends Seeds)

Wayne 0

Lee Bridges (The Cannabis


Wernard Bruining,

Poet, RIP)

Rick Cusick (High Times)


Liam (Pollinator)




Rob Clarke (Marijuana Botany)

Willie (Hanfblatt Tuner)

Lord of the Strains


Winnie (Crow!)

Lorna (Cannabis College)

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Wisniy (Verba)

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Roberto C.


Lyndon (CC New/)

Roger (Nacht-Schatten Verlag)


Madelena (Cannabis College)

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Marc Emry (Cannabis Culture)

Roger Watanabe (RIP)

Ztefan (CannaTrade)


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Malt (High Times)

Mauk (Canna)

Mel Frank (Marijuana Grower's

Guide) Michael A. Michael

Roger Romulan Joe

Ron (Baba) Turner (Last Gasp)

Ron Wilks




Saskia (Canna)



Scbastain Orfali RIP Sergi Doll (Canamo)

Countless growers and cannabis afficionados (that were not named above) helped with this book. They provided valuable input and support over the last 20 years to make this book possible.

MARIJUANA HORTICULTURE Theindom/Outdo fflffl1 • I

The War on Drugs

The War on Drugs in "America, Land of the Free" is out of control. This War on American citizens and many other unfortunate souls around the world continues to be driven by fear and misinformation that is spun by numerous US and foreign government agencies.

The War on Drugs concentrates on encarcerat-ing cannabis users and is headed by a drug czar.

Czar is defined by Webster's Dictionary, as 1. A former Russian emporeror. 2. An autocrat, 3. Informal. One in authority: Leader. From these definitioins we know that a Drug Czar is not one to listen to any opposition. Is this the basis of democracy?

The most infamous American Drug Czars include: William Bennet (a tobacco smoker, alcohol drinker and compulsive gambler) General Barry McCaffrey (the most decorated US General and instigator of failed "anticannabis media propaganda"), and John Walters (a career bureaucrat who labels peaceful cannabis consumers as terrorists). All past and present Drug Czars profess "high moral standards."

Many official Government and private reports have recommended legalization or decriminalization of cannabis including:

1928: Le Dain Commission (Canada) recommended to decriminalize or legalize small amounts of marijuana.

1972: the Safer Commission, appointed by President Nixon, reported that laws regarding marijuana should be decriminalized. Nixon rejected that recommendation, and instead endorsed the creation of the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

1990: California Advisory Panel (appointed by the State of California) recommended that California legalize marijuana, State Attorney General John Van de Kamp refused to publish the report.

2005: The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition report is released. The Harvard University report by 500 US economists headed by economist Milton Friedman endorses legalizing and taxing cannabis.

Cannabis has been used medicinally for more than 10,000 years. Cannabis is being legally dispensed medicinally in 10 US slates, Canada, the Netherlands and Spain. Still the US Government classifies cannabis as a Schedule I drug along with heroin as having no medical value.

The July 30, 2004 editon of the Seattle Times reported "Marijuana smuggling case first local use of Patriot Act provision. The US attorney in Seattle, WA charged 15 people in a marijuana smuggling operation. The undercover snitch, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, posed as a middle man who actually smuggled money from the US to Canada.

The alleged cannabis and money smugglers were charged under the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was passed into law in the US in order to thwart international terrorism after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center towers in New York City. However according to US attorney Todd Greenberg in Seattle, "there is no indication these defendants are connected to terrorism."

Here are a few well documented facts:

Cause of Death Annual Deaths

Tobacco 435,000

Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity 365,000 Alcohol 85,000

Microbial Agents 5,000

Toxic Agents 55,000

Motor Vehicle Crashes 26,347

Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs 32,000

Suicide 30,622

Incidents Involving Firearms 29,000

Homicide 20,308

Sexual Behaviors 20,000

All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect 17,000 Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs Such as Aspirin 7,600

Marijuana 0

This confirmed information for the year 2000 in the USA is from: http://www.drug .


Drue War FocU • Mlcroiofl Intornat Explorar

Hilo Ldt Vrtîi'J l:0Wituï Tools Hd|>


o Bock » _», ; ,, Soach I'avorltw Muda

AiiJtpji: f§f|httriiffw«w.rifU]W(irf«tSLOfoflndoi<ilvtm


II tfljjliankof Amortca HOTO Personal Hid Hüiiot t-Mjil Hotnioí .Ç] la Coixj ■ Lirroci Atocrta

MyAoucfll Suivîtes fur Auuwil latent

"A valuable icuotaw foi anyone«uticcmed'.'.'¡îli dtugpoliiy."

— it i Rófdíi, Üetiini Pin Jut«, All ' lísw»


"A valuable icuotaw foi anyone«uticcmed'.'.'¡îli dtugpoliiy."

— it i Rófdíi, Üetiini Pin Jut«, All ' lísw»

compendium of ficlu timl Qy iîi tlio fugo of WCiptdd wisdotn^

— ¿ iivii I lf ['■.infill. ' 'lit.ii'il Aciii ■i'ti1~ huiro««, 1 tfuwi.

Uiuvvtcity fv^dJcuKMionl

Lui iipitilrd April il, 2010. Thí full ilird lili r illdiin ofl)ni£ War l irti Li av.illsliln by iU'ldli; lirrt.

NurcX ubîjikCjÏDP'c wm.iíí'Utli les] ut Lia'.1


NurcX ubîjikCjÏDP'c wm.iíí'Utli les] ut Lia'.1

Addi< Jiirr i'i M^erüc! ■ ■! 1 <n PDF Version oFThia Fik

Adi i]r:!i:mit:: ' Kd lion Si Pi rwniliôli of Sub Stiller














723,627 734,498 704,812 682,885 695,200 641,642 588,963 499,122 380,689 342,314

88.6 percent of arrests in 2001 were for possession only,

With ever increasing prohibition we are growing more cannabis around the world than ever before. Most of the photographs and much of the information was collected outside of the USA. The cannabis laws in the "Land of the Free" are some of the most horrifying and repressive in the world. However, with the artificial "cannabis price support program in a free market" spawned by the US government, the rest of the world is benefiting. Growers from all over the world, including the ones that are willing to risk their freedom and assets in the USA, are able to cash in on this defacto program.

Here is how the program works. Cannabis is illegal. This creates an artificially high price for cannabis because the supply is limited and the demand high. Aggressive entrepreneurs see the opportunity and fill the need in the marketplace. When harsh laws are enforced, entrepreneurs give way to thugs and organized crime who fill the orders for cannabis. Any first year economics student can figure this out!

This information has caught the eye of a few politicians. A growing number of politicians are finding the integrity and moxie required to risk "political suicide" and endorse medical cannabis.

Coverings - 117 Cîimate Control - 119


Case Study - Energy Efficient

Organic Sea of Green - 158 Calendar and Checklist - 163


MARIJUANA Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible - by Jorge Cervantes


Introduction - 2

Life Cycle ol Cannabis - 2

Cannabis Strains - 10 Seeds - 14 Germination - 15

Coverings - 117 Cîimate Control - 119


Introduction - 126 Strains - 127 Climate - 129

Start Clones or Seedlings Indoors -131

Soil - 132 Fertilizers - 137 Water - 137

Pumps -141 Temperature - 112 Wind - 142

Pests and Predators - 143

Rogue Pollen - 145 Backyard Growing - 146 Terrace Crowing - 147 Guerilla Growing - 149 Harvest - 155 Extending Seasons - 155


Case Study - Energy Efficient

Organic Sea of Green - 158 Calendar and Checklist - 163


Light, Spectrum, and Photoperiod - 170 Reflective Hoods - 182 No Reflective Hood - 106 High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights-192 Metal Halide Systems - 198 High Pressure Sodium Systems - 201 HP Sodium to Metal Halide - 204 Metal Halide to HP Sodium - 205 Compact Fluorescent Lamps - 207 About Electricity - 212 Setting up the HID System Slep-by-Step- 221


Soi! - 224 Containers - 238 Drainage - 242 Container Shape, Size, and Maintenance - 243


MARIJUANA Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible - by Jorge Cervantes


Introduction - 2

Life Cycle ol Cannabis - 2

Cannabis Strains - 10 Seeds - 14 Germination - 15


Introduction - 38 Clones and Cloning - 39 Mother Plants - 40 Getting Ready - 43 Cloning Step-by-Step - 49 Transplanting - 56 Pruning and Bending - 61 Grafting - 68 Stress - 68


Lile Cycle - 72 Pre-flowering - 75 Male - 75 Female - 78 Sinsemilla - 80


Introduction - 86 Male Harvest - 88 Sinsemilla Harvest - 89 Harvest Step-by-Step - 94 Manicuring - 94 Drying - 96 Curing - 100


About Grow Rooms - 108

Basement - 108 Setting up the Grow Room Step-by-Step - 110

Greenhouses and Cold Frames - 113


Water Quality- 248 Osmosis - 250 Irrigation - 251 Nutrients - 250 Macronutricnts - 250 Secondary Nutrients - 262 Mkronutrients - 265 Fertilizers - 270 Chemical Fertilizers - 271 Organic Fertilizers - 271 Fertilizer Application - 277 Additives - 285


Diflcrent Systems - 295 Growing Mediums - 306 pH - 309

EC, TDS, DS, CF, PPM -311 Sterilizing -313 Hydroponic Nutrients - 315 Reservoirs - 317 Reservoir Temperature - 319 Irrigation - 319


Air Movement - 324

Security - 330

Temperature - 331

Humidity - 331

CO, Enrichment - 337

Compost, Organic Growing Mediums -

Odor - 315

Deodorizers - 345

Negative Ion Generators - 315

Ozone Generators - 316

Activated Carbon Filters - 318

Setting up the Vent Fan Step-by-Step

- 319


Prevention - 351

Control - 355

Insect Control - 356

Sprays and Traps - 357

Cliemical Fungicides, Insecticides, and

Mitleides - 357

Homemade Pest and Disease Sprays

- 361

Biological Controls - 367 Predators and Parasites - 367 Spider Mites and Insects - 369 Fungi and Diseases -379 Viruses -386 Troubleshooting - 387


Hand Rub Hash - 396 Sieves - 397 The Pollinator - 398 Water Extracted Hash - 400 Ice-O-Lator Instructions - 102 Water Hash with 15 Bags - 105 Washing Machine Hash - 112 Resin Extraction for Cooking - 417 Hash or Cannabis Oil - 418 Volatile Solvent Extraction - 119 Pressing Hash - 419 Storing Hash -122


The Creation of a Seed - 128 Primary Components of a Breeding Program - 439 Hybrids - 144

There are Various Types of Hybrid Varieties - 441 Breeding Schemes for Cross-Pollinated Crops -152 Inbreeding -153 Example l - Backcrossing: Incorporating a dominant trait - 155 Example 2 - Backcrossing: Incorporating a recessive trait - 455 Selfing - 456


Conversion Charts and Tables - 159 Carbon Dioxide Facts and Figures -159

Calculations (or Metric Users - 459 Metric Conversion Chart Approximations -160 Cannabis Seed Companies - 461 Glossary - 463 Index - 467

The book covers below are some of the many published by Jorge.

Indoor Marijuana Horticulture


The "Bible" has gone through a complete metamorphosis since the first edition in 1983, The First Edition was just 96 pages, black and white and bound with a pair of staples, i wrote the book on a Kaypro II computer. To typeset I hooked my Kaypro to a VAX mainframe computer, The typeset "galleys" were pasted up into "hard copy," I printed the book on a Multilith press. My wile and I collated pages and stapled them together to form the first Indoor Marijuana Horticulture book. The book immediately became a best seller among indoor growers and has remained on top ever since!

The Second Edition (1985) grew to 288 pages and was christened "The Bible" by indoor growers. The Third Edition (1993) grew to 320 pages and the Fourth Edition (2001) tipped the scales at 132 pages and contained 200 color photos and drawings. The Bible is published in Dutch, German, French, English, and Spanish. There is also a special UK Edition. The Australian Edition was banned by the Australian Government, but lofty Auzzies still find ways to bring in the Bible.

The Bible now has a little larger format (6 x 8.25 inches (150 x 210 cm]), 512 pages and is full color throughout with more than 1100 full color photographs, drawings, charts, and graphs. The Fifth Edition is completely rewrilten to reflect the changes in cannabis cultivation in recent years. Sections on seeds, seedlings, vegetative growth, cloning, flowering, breeding and hash have been amplified substantially, All new sections have been added on greenhouses and outdoor growing. Photos and precise color drawings augment text to simplify information so that it is easier to assimilate.

Digital cameras, fast computers with big hard disks and fast Internet connections have transformed the Bible into a much more complete work.

We were able to hold the price at J521.95 from 1993 until 2005, 12 years. The expense of adding color to each and every page, hiring editors, travel, office overhead, and inflation have made it necessary to sell a minimum of advertising as well as increase tire price to ¡524.95.

If you would like to learn more about advertising in the Bible, please hit our website: www, -

Case studies follow the text. They show exactly how different growers grew super smoke for pennies a day. Ail of their growing statistics - watts, varieties, calendar, cost, harvest weight, etc. - are also listed. See how growers invest a minimum of cash and harvest pound after pound of outstanding bud 365 days a year!

A garden "Calendar" and "Checklist" in the book lend additional organization (or ail indoor horticulturists.

- Jorge Cervantes

Indoor Marijuana Horticulture Second Edition

IMH Second Edition Revised

Indoor Marijuana Horticulture

Original Indoor Marijuana Horticulture ¡983

Indoor Marijuana Horticultura

IMH Second Edition Revised

Indoor Marijuana Horticulture Second Edition

Original Indoor Marijuana Horticulture ¡983

IMH Dutch first Edition iJi : y fmli

IMH Dutch first Edition

IMH Third Edition
IMH Banned!

Marihuana Drinncn


IMH Fourth Edition

Marihuana drinneit

AÜm lUl*f lUll AdtpiHl lllf llfMII

Marihuana drinneit

AÜm lUl*f lUll AdtpiHl lllf llfMII

IMH fourth Edition Germon

Il j

IMH Fourth Edition Spanish

Il j

IMH Fourth Edition Spanish




Marihuana Drinncn

IMH Fourth Edition UK





Marijuana Indoors: Five Easy Gardens


Marijuana Outdoors: Guerilla Growing


vj/ I IVIHIInUifc

CULTIVO DK GUERRILLA Marijuana Outdoors: Guerilla Growing -Spanish Edition



Marijuana Jorge's Rx


The Internet

Grow Info FREE!

Information and velocity at which it travels is the most important new innovation in marijuana growing during the last five years.

The Internet allows millions of growers all over the world to share information, US growers can still ask and answer anonymous grow questions on line and download information about cannabis use. Here is a short list of some of my favorite web sites.

1. is a very cool site! A couple of Chicano programmer aficionados from LA set up this site that is run by a consortium of Spaniards and latins. They also throw the Cannabis Parade in Aslurias, Spain every year.

i •!•» * » BmKl ,'í '«i-TSiTlSBB li». dr'íaHvüE ■>»-

2. wwvy.cí is the website for i •!•» * » BmKl ,'í '«i-TSiTlSBB li». dr'íaHvüE ■>»-

2. wwvy.cí is the website for about cultivation. Highlights include current and recent news.

3., \s a must for the serious grower. This is an advanced cultivation site.

TTïltrt V» ifl;í)'t»tk,r¡j;HAÎEIT-MB 9<« IW^P|3Eï>l3B2■• ihiihI

1. is the official site of the CannaTrade Fair held in Switzerland. This fair is one of my favorites in the world!

Inlciriiiflolinl Hemp fall

Inlciriiiflolinl Hemp fall

TSHñ »*<>>;» <• aaars csw-.^Gawi.M ^SEB® «

5. is the official High

Cannabis Culture magazine. It has a full array of ^ g ^ Thjs ^ has a fu(| arrfly of

cannabis information including a good deal ^ newj. cu|tivation and more! This very

aCiMUlHCtlltl!■ Hmt++ (It)ImI tt*I!H*fH * M ► tM»|i D 1 NUJW«I IfMlHt I*MM

mu b

:. ail liiiii^iüiiiiüaíí^aiffl aCiMUlHCtlltl!■ Hmt++ (It)ImI tt*I!H*fH * M ► tM»|i D 1 NUJW«I IfMlHt I*MM

TTiffii f * Wat» I'. - ■ ■ aükJH SDK BE»,. EMSEBK ■

* +JÍSKÍ Î3TΫ"Ï" PÎÏGSK- " • i»«

TTiffii f * Wat» I'. - ■ ■ aükJH SDK BE»,. EMSEBK ■


* +JÍSKÍ Î3TΫ"Ï" PÎÏGSK- " • i»«



high-traffic site has everything for the cannabis enthusiast. Put this site on your "Favorites" list

6. www.marijuanagrowing .com is Jorge Cervantes' official site. It is packed with current information on marijuana cultivation with pages and pages of up-to-date cultivation information, plus Jorge's articles and numerous tips on growing in today's world.


7. is not a cannabis site, but is packed with beneficial insect information

wh tftrmti** iMj |t<t i iM<b lii f n ||>M m

4m I«*, M.IMJ.h |l*lt >kMt l/<M, •»>« »■>< w NrftfSA*

.4 » (tn. ft w * Mil--*», ,'tii- >.M f* wr

8. is the absolute best grow site on the Internet, It lias everything! More than four million posts in the forums and 700,000 images of cannabis. The "StrainCuide" lists more than 1000 cannabis varieties produced by more than 75 breeders that sell to the public. Also featured are hundreds of personal synopses about growing specific varieties-by the growers themselves!

Iflliflf' '' »

9. wwvy.seedbankupdflte .com rates seed companies with the most reliable information on the Internet. Tiiis outstanding site is updated weekly.

tjrrr« M.mS Si-rtlltmiU 1'julnti-

tjrrr« M.mS Si-rtlltmiU 1'julnti-

10. This Spanish site has the biggest member base and the most hits of any Spanish language site-definitely the biggest site in the Spanish language, This site is run by a dedicated cannabis afficionado and good friend from a small town in Northeastern Spain.

ïnirt" B>iMBIBIBtilpi_!-.<jTS E7«HS«ffiiffS

The Internet was developed by the DOD (Department of Defense) in the latter half of the 20th century. Government geeks and spooks developed the Work! Wide Web for national security reasons. It is easy to set up a proxy server along with a few other safety precautions to surf with safety so the government cannot track your every move.

Be very careful when surfing the Internet. Check out for more information about surfing safely.

Smart growers, especially from countries with draconian laws, do not e-mail about growing or surf grow sites on a computer located in a grow house. Remember, a person never knows who is peeking at transparent e-mail. "Firewall" software alerts and protects the user against another party tracking a surfing path or lo unauthorized entry into their computer. Ask at your local software store for security software to keep unwanted computer spooks subdued, ched< out the FAQs on [or a complete rundown on Internet security.

Do not frequent marijuana sites or talk shop on the net unless you have taken appropriate security measures.

Internet information can be great or it can be packed with problems. All growers and "authorities" have the same status on the Internet, and can post "facts" to their site or news group. Many times unverified, poorly researched "facts" are either sell-serving or untrue. Always ask yourself if the information you are reading makes sense. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I often surf through many sites and pages before finding something worth retaining. "Free" often means the material is sales oriented. News groups provide an excellent forum to share grow stories.

Marijuana Chemistry

Cannabis is the only plant that produces chemicals called cannabinoids. However, with gene splicing and genetic engineering, it is only a matter of time until cannabinoids are added to other plants. Cannabinoids are ingredients unique to cannabis; the psychoactive cannabinoids are responsible for the mind-bending effects of marijuana. Some cannabinoids get you high. Around 40 cannabinoids have been confirmed to exist, but most are not psychoactive. Here is a short rundown on the six most prominent cannabinoids.

A0 TI-IC, the main ingredient that gets you high, is called: A-'-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol. All cannabis, whether industrial hemp or drug marijuana, contains some A3 THC Industrial hemp cannabis contains infinitesimal amounts while dried flower tops (buds) of potent marijuana can contain up to 25 percent A9 THC. In potent varieties of marijuana, perhaps all of the mind-bending effects are derived from A9 THC. A" THC is found in very low concentrations in cannabis. It also gets you high, but there is so little A" THC in most cannabis that researchers, breeders, and growers concentrate on the more abundant and potent A'1 THC. To simplify matters we will refer to both A'1 THC and AH TI-IC as THC.

Cannabidiol, known as CBD, also appears in virtually all varieties of cannabis. The amount of CBD varies enormously, from a trace to more than 95 percent of all cannabinoids present in a plant. CBD generally has a sedative effect regarding the high you experience. CBD, when combined with THC, tends to postpone the beginning of the high, but the Rood part is that CBD can make it last twice as long. Whether CBD increases or decreases the force of the high is subjective and must be discerned by each smoker.


Cannabinol, or CBN, is produced as THC oxidizes or degrades. Only a trace of CBN exists in fresh bud. Stored and cured tops or hashish have higher levels of CBN, that has converted from THC. Marijuana with high levels of CBN generally makes the toker fee! disoriented, olten sleepy or groggy referred to as a stupefying high. At best, CBN contains only 10 percent of the psychoactive potency of the original THC.

Tetrahydrocannabivarin, called THCV, is the shorter three-carbon propyl that replaces the five-carbon pentyl chain. This compound is associated with the fragrance of the plant. In other words, very pungent smelling marijuana normally contains THCV. Warmer temperatures bring out more smell. THCV is found in very potent marijuana that originates in Southeast and Central Asia as well as regions in Africa. Concentrations of THCV usually make the high come on quicker and disappear sooner, There is still much research to do on this cannabinoid.

Cannabichromene, or CBC, may make up to

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