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gel rid of the water. The cellophane will give the pressed hash a shiny skin.

Now pressed into a wafer, the piece of hash will be easy to smoke and will burn evenly.

Pressing Small Amounts of Hash

By hand pressing, you experience the transformation of the resin powder into your very own piece of fragrant, dense hash.

To hand press, collect one to four grams of resin powder in the palm of your hand and apply pressure to the powder, working it between the palms of your hands. Also push your thumb into your palm full of resin powder to work it into a piece of hash. Continue this process for 10-30 minutes until the piece of hash is completely pliable and whole. Heat will be generated and help rupture and meld the resin glands together, Relatively pure resin powder will congeal faster than less-potent powders that contain impurities. But a little vegetable matter and debris gives hash different flavors and more body.

Potent resin powder is a creamy white to gold in color. Pressing the powder together and working it in your hands ruptures and oxidizes resin glands, which makes the mass turn ever darker.

Bottle Pressing

Press small amounts of resin powder between cellophane to form a pancake. Fill a long cylindrical bottle with warm water and use it as a "rolling pin" to press the pancake of hash.

Press the resin into a wafer. Check out this compressed resin powder. You can see the resin glisten!

Continue to knead the resin in your hands until it forms into a solid shape.

Remove a few clumps of water-extracted hash from the glass cone.

Ball up the clumps of resin and work it in the palm of your hand, pressing it togetiter with your thumb.


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