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Hoop houses are very easy to construct from plastic or metal pipe. Some growers use rebar. Arches can easily be made with PVC plastic pipe up to 8 feet (2.4 m) talf. You can also make tunnels hug the ground with a height of less than 3 feet (90 cm).

Black plastic mulch conserves moisture and stops weeds in this hoop house.

This photo was taken in Nijmegen, Netherlands, in late November, 1985, at the original Cannabis Castle started by Neville, owner of the Seed Bank. Plants grow in small squares of rockwool. The white box at right is a heater.

week jump on the growing season. This would not work in a colder region like the upper Midwest. Likewise, a hot or tropical area will require more shade and water. While the large cold frame is the most economical of structures, it will not function as a cold-climate garden. Location and exposure will depend on climate, but in general, you will want the greenhouse to be sheltered from curious eyes and strong winds and to be away from any areas where falling limbs or other debris might be a problem.

There are a number of external design options. Cold frames can be as simple as a window sash laid over a rectangle of straw bales or a piece of plastic stretched over a metal or PVC pipe frame and held in place with clamps. Duct tape also works wonders to keep plastic in place. The advantage to plastic sheeting is that it can be removed during the day to take advantage of fresh air and the sun's warmth and then replaced at night to protect plants from cold air. The cold frame can easily be converted to a hot frame by installing electric heat and a watering/misting system.

Greenhouses can be attached (lean-to, window-mount, even-span) or free-standing. A lean-to uses an existing structure for one or more sides and is limited to single or double-row plant benches with a total width of seven to twelve feet (2.1-3.6 m) and length up to that of the building. Without considering security, the advantages of the lean-to are its proximity to electricity, water, and heat, but on the downside are its limited size, light, ventilation, and temperature control.

A window-mount replaces an existing window providing a relatively low-cost way to grow short plants, small seedlings, or clones. It can be installed fairly simply with common household tools. The disadvantages are its small size and possibly public view.

Low profile greenhouses are perfect for crops of short plants. It is easy to set up a low profile hoop house or a greenhouse

Marijuana Hoop HouseHoop House For Cannabis

alongside a building that gets full sun. The short greenhouse or cold frame is simple to darken during full summer and lets you reap the benefits of the harvest early!

Small greenhouses and cold frames also work well on patios, balconies, and rooftops. They protect plants from wind and prying eyes of neighbors.

An even-span can be an attractive option. Like the window-mount or lean-to, the even-span is attached to the house and bears similar limitations of size, light, ventilation, and temperature. Unlike the lean-to or window-mount, the even-span can be larger and can open into the house-providing heat and humidity-or even function as a conservatory, an attractive place to relax. It is, however, more expensive to heat and maintain. Such greenhouses are most popular where security is a minimum concern.

The freestanding greenhouse offers the most flexibility in size and location. It can be built to take full advantage of the sun, but it does not retain heat well and can be expensive to keep warm. Many frame types and coverings are available in kits or raw materials. There are also a number of good web sites such as

http://www.wvu.ed u/~agexten/hortcult/ greenhou/huilding.htm to help you choose the plan that works best for you.

Framing can be in wood or metal. You may select a panel frame which is more expensive to build (panels are individual units) but has the advantage of quick installation and breakdown for storage. If portability is an issue, there are miniature greenhouses and hoop houses which can be purchased as a kit for under $300, These structures, because they can be picked up and moved, are usually considered temporary by municipalities and often do not require permits. For more information on types and prices, visit web sites such as .

The female seedling transplants in this greenhouse have just been watered. Even though they were transplanted late, they still grew out well.

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