Marijuana Horticulture The indoor

Marijuana Greenhouse

Automatic greenhouse darkening system in a greenhouse at the Cannabis Castle in the Netherlands 'blacks out" gardens to induce flowering. The covering also serves to insulate the greenhouse during the short days of winter.

Keep the lights on at night if days are short in the winter or if you live in a tropical climate. These South American growers use incandescent light to prevent plants from flowering when days are short.

Good looking bud matures in light filtered through Agrolene greenhouse covering.

the horizon. This fluctuation in heat is difficult and expensive to control. Hot and cold dips also affect the ratio of nutrient to water plants need and use, which makes growing in a greenhouse more demanding than growing indoors.

Adding a complete greenhouse chapter here is beyond the scope of this book. A couple of my favorite books on greenhouse growing include Gardening Under Cover, by

William Head, Sasquatch Books, Si 6.95, and Gardening in Your Greenhouse, by Mark Freeman, Stackpole Books, Si8.95.

Building Your Own Greenhouse

Building Your Own Greenhouse

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