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Ecolizer organic nutrients and follow their program exactly. The program suggested misting clones regularly with their "Bugs Away" foliar feed. This solution contains nutrition plus essential oils that coat mite eggs and suffocate them. No chemicals and it worked!

After a total of nine weeks growing, the room was filled with plants that formed a dense layer of evenly developed, sticky, fat bud. The room resembled a "sea of green" rather than a collection of plants of assorted size and shape. As they harvested, Nigel and Terry joked about mowing down a mass of sticky green com cobs. Cutting, hanging, drying, and particularly manicuring this much weed was one hell of a job and took them a month to finish. The final yield was 12.5 kilos and the quality was A+.

At this point, the boys had covered all their expenses, they were almost half way into their third crop (which was growing strong), and were already 10 kilos in the black. This had been an ambitious project. Nigel and Terry had not achieved success without significant risk and a lot of hard work! Guess who was planning a well deserved "holiday in da sun"?

Comparing Statistics:

First Crop, 8.1 pounds (3.8 kg) / 6000 watts = 0.02 ounces (0.63 g) / watt

8.4 pounds (3.8 kg) / 14.4 square yards (12 m sq) = 11.1 ounces (316 g) / m sq

Second Crop, 27.6 pounds (12.5 leg) / 8400 watts = .05 ounces (l .49 g) / watt

27.6 pounds (12.5 kg) / 28.7 square yards (24 m sq) = 18.4 ounces (521 g) / m sq

- Bob's advice helped the boys increase their power efficiency (g / watt) by 137 percent.

- Bob's advice helped the boys increase their space efficiency (g / m sq) by 65 percent.

A calendar helps growers know what to do and when to prepare to do it. A checklist adds necessary routine to the process. The calendar outlines the average three-month life cycle of clones. It notes major points of interest during each stage in life. The weekly checklist consists of a few things that must be done every week to ensure a successful crop.

Savvy growers read and consider each and every point on the calendar weekly. They mark each point with a check when finished with it.

Growers should spend at least 10 minutes per day, per lamp, to have a productive garden. This is enough time to complete all the stuff on the weekly calendar. Much of gardening is simply watching and paying attention, but it takes time to have a decent, productive garden, if using CO., enrichment or hydroponics, allow 20 minutes per day for maintenance.

Large chunks of time will be spent setting up the grow room and harvesting. These are not included in the 10-20 minute daily schedule.

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