Marijuana Horticulture The indoo

First Month

January 1st, First Week

Take clones and root clones. They root in 1-4 weeks.

Sow seeds. Make sure they are warm for speedy germination.

Mix dolomite lime into soil before planting.

Prepare grow room. Read "Setting up the Crow Room" and "Setting up the Lamp."

Set timer for 18-hour days and 6-hour nights.

January 15th, Third Week

Make sure the vegetative room is perfect before bringing in the clones.

Move in rooted clones or sprouted seedlings, place 24-36 inches under HID. Keep soil surface moist.

Fertilize seedlings and clones. Use an ALL PURPOSE fertilizer, Start regular fertilization schedule.

Special care should be given to soil. Moisture damping-ofl and dry soil pockets could stunt plants now!

When vegetative plants are big enough, induce flowering.

Plants need plenty of light to flower well.

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