Light Movers

Replicate the movement of the sun through the sky with a motorized light mover, A light mover is a device that moves lamps back and forth or in circles across the ceiling of a grow room. The linear or circular path distributes light evenly. Use a light mover to get lights closer to plants. Keep plants at least 12 inches away from a lamp on a light mover. The closer a lamp is to plants without burning them, the more light plants get!

Light movers make bright light distribution more even. Uniform light distribution makes cannabis grow evenly. Budding branches tend to grow toward and around stationary HID's. These extra-tall spikes of buds shade other foliage. More plants receive more intense light with a lamp moving overhead. This is not a substitute

Watch out for the following:

Stretched or leggy plants.

Wi'.ik :>r yellowing plants.

Foliage burned directly under the bulb.

Uneven lighting.

Light mover binding or getting liung up.

This is (he approximate coverage of a linear light mover. Note the brightest light is close to the reflector:

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