Hashish is the connoisseur's smoke. Hashish, also called hash, is the resin heads of glandular trichomes that are collected, pressed together, and shaped. The more resin on the input material, the better the hash. Here we will touch on the basics of making hashish using safe extraction methods. I have omitted detailed information on chemical extraction methods using butane, acetate, different alcohols, etc., because of possible health risks from explosion, fire, and

Capture resin glands with small heads with a smaller mesh sieve. Courtesy of the Greenhouse.

fumes. Chemical damage may result \ from premature use of the end) product before all . A - solvents and resid-fl^ \ uals have been

JjjfruALv- extracted. You can

V\ find much infor mation on these subjects at

Resin can be collected by scraping it from your hands after handling resinous plants or buds. It can be scraped from tools, too. Resin can be collected by separating it from foliage and letting it fall through a sieve. Or it can be separated from foliage using cold water and sieves.

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