HP Sodium Bulbs

High pressure sodium bulbs are used for industrial, residential, and horticultural lighting. The bulbs are inexpensive and readily available. Discount building stores often carry 250 and 400-watt lamps. All HP sodium lamps will grow cannabis. Even though they are brighter, the spectrum contains little blue and more yellow/orange. Lack of color balance makes plants stretch between internodes, but does not necessarily diminish overall harvest.

Philips designed and manufactures the 430-watt Son Agro specifically to augment natural sunlight and grow plants. The bulb produces a little more blue light in the spectrum. Adding a touch more blue light helps prevent most plants from becoming leggy. The other enhanced performance HP sodium bulb is the Hortilux by Eye (Iwasaki).

The GOO-watt HP sodium increased the lumens-per-walt (LPW) efficiency of high intensity bulbs by seven percent. The GOO-watt HP sodium is the most efficient lamp on the market. The 430-watt Son Agro HP sodium bulbs have more blue in the spectrum and run a little hotter than their 400-watt counterpart The Son Agro bulbs are the choice of European growers.

Growing Soilless

Growing Soilless

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