High Pressure Sodium Systems

The most impressive fact about the 600-watt high-pressure sodium lamp is that it produces 90,000 initial lumens. The HP sodium is also the most efficient HID lamp available. It comes in 35, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200, 250, 310, 400, 600, and 1000 wattages. Nearly all of the HP sodium bulbs used in grow rooms are clear. All HP sodium vapor lamps have their own unique ballast. High pressure sodium lamps are manufactured by: GE (Lucalox), Sylvania (Lumalux), Westinghouse (Ceramalux), Philips (Son Agro), Iwasaki (Eye), and Venture (High Pressure Sodium), American growers use 1000 and 600-uvatt HP sodiums most often, while European growers love 400 and 600-watt HPS lamps.

High pressure sodium lamps emit an orange-tinged glow that could be compared to the harvest sun. The color spectrum is highest in the yellow, orange, and red end. For many years, scientists believed this spectrum promoted flower production. However, with the new PAR technology, scientists are rethinking old theories. Marijuana's light needs change when flowering; it no longer needs to produce so many vegetative cells. Vegetative growth slows and eventually stops during blooming. All the plant's energy and attention is focused on flower production so it can complete its annual life cycle. Light from the red end of the spectrum stimulates floral hormones within the plant, promoting flower production. According to some growers, flower volume and weight increase when using HP sodium lights. Other compelling evidence shows the SunMaster halides to be superior. Growers using a 10 x 10-foot (3 m7) room often retain the 1000-watt halide and add a 1000-watt sodium during flowering. Flowering plants need more light to produce tight, full buds. Adding an HP sodium lamp not only doubles available light, it increases the red end of the spectrum. This 1:1 ratio (1 halide and 1 HP sodium) is a popular combination for flowering.

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Growing Soilless

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