Hash Oil Making

Shoe Hash

Press small amounts of hash by putting resin powder in cellophane and putting it under your heel inside your shoe, Walk around for an hour or so, doing what you would normally. Take your shoe off and voilĂ , fresh hash!

You can use a laminator-the kind that laminates photos and documents between two sheets of plastic-to press your hash! Simply sprinkle out the best resin powder you can make onto a piece of cellophane. Lay another piece of cellophane on top. Roll it with a bottle full of hot water to get it into preliminary shape and make it easy to work with. Remove the piece of hash from the cellophane; treat it like you would a document and laminate it, If your laminator can control the level of heat, wonderful! You are now ready to pack hash for a rainy day!

Mechanical Pressing

Place resin powder in a plastic bag or cellophane wrapper to contain it while pressing. All the powder will be pressed within the wrapper into a brick or plaque of hash. Poke a few small holes in the bag before pressing to allow trapped air to escape. The bag is placed into a heavy-duty steel mold, and pressure is applied with a hydraulic jack. Hydraulic jacks have a capacity from 10-20 tons and are mounted to heavy-duty steel frames that normally contain a 100-gram mold.

The pressure exerted to form a cohesive block is contingent upon the volume of contaminants in the powder. The more pure the resin powder, the less pressure it takes to form it into a block.

II your hash was made with water, make sure it is totally dry before pressing to avoid mold.

Water hash does not react like dry-sieved hash when pressed. Resin has been melded together in a different way than dry powder.

Pressing the resin when it is wet will trap moisture inside the hash. The hash will not dry completely, and it will not properly gel together later, it will retain a powdery consistency.

Pure Cannabis Resin

Three grams of dry-sieved resin powder that is ready to press.

Broken Egg Bud Vase Fill With Water
Cover resin with cellophane and fill a wine bottle with hot water.
Roll the wine bottle over the dry resin powder that is wrapped in cellophane.
Hash Brick Molds

This small wafer of pressed "pollen" can be broken off and vaporized or smoked in a pipe.

Dry-sieved resin powder will press easily and stay together under lower pressure when it is relatively pure. If it is adulterated with impurities, more pressure and heat will be necessary

Hashish Bricks

Wrap a gram or two of resin in a bit of cellophane. Place it in the heel of your shoe to press into "shoe hash."

Storing Hash

Make sure hash is dry before storing. Moist hash contracts fungus easily and decomposes quickly. Decomposition decreases THC levels. If

Brick Hash
This 100-gram brick of pressed hash shows oxidation on and near the surface.

to press it into a block.

Add a little heat to hard-to-press hash that contains impurities, The heat will help the mass congeal so bricks do not need excessive pressure to stay together. But do not heat the resin too much or it will be damaged. Do not forget that pressing also increases heat.

You can also add a drop of alcohol in the form of brandy, whisky, bourbon, rum, etc. Higher alcohol content spirits are favored. The alcohol melds the glands together. Add only a drop at a time; alcohol takes a few minutes to completely penetrate and act. Be careful, add only a little i


Hammering hash is a popular method of pressing in Morocco but uncommon in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and North America. Hammering bursts and blends resin glands together into a cohesive mass. Often resin glands are hammered before being hydraulically pressed into plaques.

To hammer hash, place resin powder into an extra heavy-duty plastic bag. Place the bag on a wooden bench, tree stump, board, etc, Place a piece of plywood over the bag. Whack the plywood with a hammer until the resin powder forms a cohesive pancake. Remove the hash from the bag and fold once or twice to make it smaller and thicker. Repeat the hammering and folding process until the resin glands transform into a sticky piece of hash. Apply a little heat if the hash is slow to form.

Hash Oil Pipes Image

you make hash using ice and water, make sure to dry it well. Dry by pressing the water hash into a flat pancake that has much surface area. Leave the pancake out in an arid room for a few days to dry completely. Cover the hash with a paper towel so dust does not contaminate it. If you made hash with a dry method such as sieving you should not have to take any extra precautions before storing, unless working in a Small hand press makes nice Utile hash wafers. humid climate.

My favorite way to store high quality water hash is to put it in a glass tube. This way all the resin stays intact until it is consumed. Upon smoking, you should press it a little so it will burn evenly.

Store hash in a cool, dark, dry place. Keep in an airtight container with a packet of silicone crystals . You can also put the hash in the freezer for long-term storage.

For a complete account of the history and detailed methods of production see HASHISH! by Robert Connell Clarke, Redeye Press, 1998, www.fsbookco.com. If you want to make the best hash and have a springboard lo launch into advanced processes, this is the book!

For current methods of hash making as well as stimulating discussion and interaction, check out the Hashish and Oil Forums on www.overgrow.com.

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