Harvest before cold, damp, autumn weatlier sets in. This weather causes fungus-£>of/yf/s (bud mold) and powdery mildew. Many plants can take a short mild freeze (30-32DF [-1-0°C]). But if the temperature stays below freezing for more than a few hours, it could kill plants. Pay close attention to weather forecasts and apply the information to the microclimate where your plants are growing. Be ready to harvest quickly if weather dictates.

Law enforcement can force a Harvest, too. Limit potential discovery by hunters, hikers, and cops by harvesting at night. Find out when police or rangers are in the area, and plan to be there at a different time. Police scanners that pick up local police activities can come in handy for determining their location.

Take a sharp pocket knife and a backpack to haul your crop incognito. If you are harvesting more than one variety, put them in separate bags or wrap in newspaper before they go in the backpack.

Determine a believable story to explain your presence in the area, including proximity to the garden, should you be discovered. Offer nothing, explain little, and keep it simple so you don't slip. Always remember Bart Simpson's words, "1 didn't do it. Nobody saw me. You can't prove a thing!"

Check Chapters Five and Six for more information on flowering and harvest timing.

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Growing Soilless

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