Freeze Drying

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. When it warms, CO, converts from a frozen solid to a gas, without turning into a liquid. When moist marijuana is enclosed with dry ice (frozen CO,) at virtually zero relative humidity, water molecules migrate from the cannabis to the dry ice. This causes the relative humidity of the CO, to increase and the moisture content of the marijuana to decrease. This process occurs below 32°F (0°C), and it preserves cannabis.

Place equal amounts of dry ice and hud into a container. Put the dry ice on the bottom and bud on top. Seal with a lid, Make a few small holes in the lid ol the container for excess gas to exit. Place in your kitchen freezer. Check every 12-24 hours. When the dry ice is gone, the buds should be completely dry. If not dry, add more dry ice until cannabis is dry. Conserve dry ice by partially drying buds for a few days before enclosing with dry ice.

This method retains potency and freshness and causes very little degradation of resin glands from heat, lighl, air, and fondling hands. The smoke has a mint-like taste because the chlorophyll does not break down.

To find the approximate moisture content of dry buds, weigh a specific bud upon harvest when it is wet Weigh it again during the drying and curing process to learn how much moisture it has lost. For example, a bud that weighs 10 grams (0.36 oz) upon harvest, will weigh 2.5 grams (0.09 oz) when it has lost 75 percent of its moisture. In general, a dry bud will weigh 75 percent less than its wet weight at harvest.

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