Fast Drying

Here are six ways to dry buds quickly. Remember, buds thai dry quickly burn hot; the smoke is harsh, and lliey taste "green" when smoked.

One: Manicure fresh buds and remove all branches. Spread them out evenly and wrap in paper or enclose in an envelope. Place the paper or envelope on a warm refrigerator, radiator, television, etc. Depending upon heat level, buds will be dry in a few hours to overnight. Buds will be a bit crispy when dry. Place buds in an airtight container until they sweat. Put back in the paper and dry until dehydrated enough to burn well.

Two: Cut up fresh buds and/or foliage, Place on a 12-inch (30 cm) square of tinfoil. Hold or place it over a 60-100-watt light bulb. Stir every 15-30 seconds. It will be dry enough to smoke in one to three minutes.

Three: Place diced buds and/or foliage 011 a cookie sheet in an oven at 150UF (65°C) lor 10-15 minutes. Check regularly and stir if needed until dry. Do not increase temperature above 200"F (93DC) or the TI IC will vaporize into (he air.

Four: Place cut up buds and/or foliage in a microwave oven. Turn the microwave on in short, weak (50 percent power) bursts of 15-30 seconds each. Recycle until dry, and stir ¡1 necessary.

Five: Cut buds and/or foliage into small pieces, and place in a glass jar with an airtight lid. Place several silica gel desic-cant packs (the kind that come with electronic devices and cameras) into the glass jar and seal. Moisture will migrate to the silica gel in ¿1 lew hours. Remove the packets and dry using dry heat source. Replace silica packs until marijuana is dry enough to smoke. Find silica gel packs at auto parts or electronics stores.

Six: Drying buds in a food dehy-drator for 24-48 hours is the next best option. Food dehydrators are a series of stackable screens. Place bud and leaf on screens and stack. A fan hlows air gently upward to dry the marijuana quickly. One friend used this technique and the buds smoked OK, but it was the only dope around, and this could have colored my taste perceptions!

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