Energy Efficient Organic Sea of Green

Growing Statistics

Yield 1: 8.4 pounds (3.8 kg) in ten weeks, initial grow in room half the size of other grows.

Yield 2: 27.6 pounds (12.5 kg) in nine weeks for second grow.

Yield 3: 30.2 pounds (13.7 kg) in nine weeks for third grow.

Cost: First Crop / Initial setup + power: USD $5647 (Eur $4500) - USD $672 per pound (Eur$1184 per kg)

Second Crop / Improvements + power: USD $8220 (Eur $6550) - USD $298 per pound (Eur $524 per kg)

Third Crop / Reap the rewards: USD $1882 (Eur $1500) - USD $62 per pound (Eur$106 per kg)

Space: First grow: 16' 5" x 7' 10" (5 x 2.4 m), Second and third grows: 33' x 7' 10"

Watts: First grow - 6000 watts, second and third grows - 8400 watts.

Cloning: 100 clones (first crop) and 400 clones (second and third crops) purchased from an outside source and ready for planting. Clones were purchased for USD $3.15 each (Eur $2,50 each). The strain supplied was Power Plant.

Vegetative: First crop - 100 clones were planted directly into flowering room and given 18 hours of light per day for a period of 14 days. For the second and third crops, 400 clones were used. Because the number of plants grown per square meter was doubled, only seven days of vegetative growth were needed' pre-flowering.

Flowering: The young plants, when acclimatized to their new home and growing well, were switched to a 12-hour light cycle for eight weeks.

Harvest: Mature plants reached an average height of 23 inches (60 cm) with multiple branches.

Growing Soilless

Growing Soilless

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