Drought Growing

If you do not have access to a water source, dry land crops are possible if the area gets at least one good rain every one to four weeks.

In general, sativa strains have a bigger root system than indica strains and are more drought resistant.

Plants pull water and nutrients from the soil. Acceptable soil wilf hold one inch (3 cm) of water per one square foot (30 cm-!) of area and grow a plant seven- to eight-feet (2.1 to 2A m) tall with roots five feet (1.5 m) across and six feet (1.8 m) deep. Insufficient water results in small buds, A five-foot (1.5 m) plant may produce only one to six ounces (30-180 gm) of smolcable bud. By contrast, a plant in good soil with ample water will be more robust and yield two to ten times more than those in poor soil, making attention to soil and water quality essential.

An easy, inexpensive way to feed and water your plants is to cut a 3/16-inch (5 mm) hole in the bottom of a five-gallon (19 L) bucket and fill with water and water-soluble fertilizer. Place one bucket by each plant with the hole oriented near the stem. Buckets should be refilled every ten days during the hottest weather. You will be able to get through the summer with as few as four to six buckets of water. This is very

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Rig up a backpack so that it is easy to carry many clones.

Remove tbe lower leaves on spindly seedlings and plant deep.
This seedling will develop roots along the subterranean stem in a few weeks,
Remove male plants as soon as they are distinguished

Beautiful Spanish guerilla garden is close to harvest.

inexpensive and the extra water and nutrients will really pay off when it is time to harvest.

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