Kill odors by changing their structure at the molecular level. Products such as Odor Killer1*', Ona™, VaporTek1M, and Ozium™, are made from essential oils that kill odors by creating a neutral atmosphere at the atomic level. Such products are usually available in gel and spray. Many growers prefer to use the gel over the long term and spray for emergency situations, such as when unexpected guests stop by during harvest.

The deodorizers can be set out in the room, around the house, and near doorways. Several companies offer products that stick to the wall. One ingenious grower I interviewed stuck one such deodorizing puck to the inside of the front door, just below the mail slot to keep the house fresh, Other products are designed to be attached to the ventilation ductwork system. Often these products are used not only to alter the odor of marijuana, but also to alter the telltale odor produced by an ozone generator. Other companies offer aerosol spray cans with a dispenser that periodically meters out a burst of spray.

Growing Soilless

Growing Soilless

This is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to growing organic, healthy vegetable, herbs and house plants without soil. Clearly illustrated with black and white line drawings, the book covers every aspect of home hydroponic gardening.

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