Chapter Fourteenpests Diseases

Severe, sudden wilting of plant

Fusarium or verticillium wilt Lack of water

Remove plant & growing medium and destroy Irrigate plant, submerge roots in water


Slow growth and small buds cooked or rotten roots

Over-fertilized, water/light/air-stressed,

Leach+ grow medium Add big/more vent fans Keep grow medium evenly moist. The closer to harvest, the less that can be done. Must remedy three to six weeks before harvest for results.

Older leaf discoloration and dieback

Nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, or zinc deficiency

See specific nutrient for solution

New leaf discoloration and dieback

One of the secondary or trace elements

See specific nutrient for solution

Dead grayish spots in buds

Bud mold (Botrytis)

Remove entire bud one inch below damage. Drop the humidity

Pungent odors from grow room

Ripening bud smells much more than early bud

Install ozone generator in large rooms, Use "Ona" or "Odor Killer" in small rooms

+Leach or flush growing medium with mild (quarter-strength) nutrient solution. Flush with at least three times the volume of nutrient solution per gallon of medium.

**Spray at five-day intervals for 15 days. Use aerosol pyrethrum, and spray under leaves. If problem persists, switch to neem oil and alternate with pyrethrum.

Drying & Post-Harvest

Suds smoke harsh

Dried too fast

Move buds into room with 80% humidity

Buds full of mold

Lack of air circulation

Increase air circulation

Spider mites on buds & drying lines

Sloppy growing

Mites escape to ends of lines and subdue them with Tanglefoot'"

Buds crackle when smoked

Too much fertilizer at harvest

Too late! Next time flush plants with water ten days before harvest

A pump-up sprayer with a spray wand allows you to deliver spray under leaves where most pests live.

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